How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

Well hello! Welcome to my blog

About me

Photo courtesy of Special Deliveries Photography.

My name’s Kelly and I am a 32 year old former journalist with two kids, one husband and a little house in the suburbs in Auckland, New Zealand. I love raising rascals but I’m not the perfect mum and my wee ones are hardly angels. Sometimes the two-year-old watches TV, sometimes we give him junk food. It’s a shocking tale, but one I just have to share with you because I think parenting has gotten a little serious lately. I reckon it’s okay to admit your kid doesn’t stick to a sleep schedule, or that they almost made you cry in the supermarket or that one day when you weren’t looking the baby ate an unknown number of cat biscuits.

My life’s not super glam but it’s the story of an average, happy Kiwi family. I met my husband nine years ago in a dodgy bar in the Viaduct (dreams do come true!) and we’ve never looked back. In our twenties we worked, saved, had fun and travelled before getting married in 2010. A year later our first child was born. He is Henry, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed apple of my eye, my special little guy. He’s got more energy than I ever imagined, can be a real ratbag, throws the odd titanic tantrum and can melt my heart with one little raised eyebrow.

When Henry was 10 months old we planned to try for another baby in six months. He’d been sleeping through for two glorious months and we were high on all that sleep. We thought an age gap of two or so years would be ideal. However, before the ink dried on that agreement, I almost keeled over  in Countdown. I knew the nauseous feeling well, having experienced it just the year before. Pregnant! Our second baby arrived just before Henry turned 18 months old. She is Annie May, our little girl, the sweetest darling, one seriously chilled out child, my precious poppet.

Two kids under two! Life went a little loco for awhile there and to be honest, I’m still making most of it up as we go along, but I’m having fun and keeping calm and I’d love to share the funnier moments with you and hear about your little ones. It may not take a village to raise a child, but I think that’s a nice concept, don’t you?

To keep from becoming a rambling mess (nobody needs to see that!) I have decided on a theme for each weekday, so you know what to expect and I can indulge my slight OCD tendencies. Thanks for reading and pleeeease feel free to comment, chat, really get ranting – you know I’m gunna!

Manic Mondays

The weekends are for fun and when Monday rolls round, our house looks like we’ve been burgled. So we ‘regroup’. It’s my day for meal plans, groceries, cleaning, rubbish disposal, a Mt Taranaki-sized pile of washing. Each Monday I will share tips with you about how to minimise the madness, keep the kids entertained, organise the disorganised chaos. I’ll bring you exciting new cleaning developments, you know, stuff to make a 1950s housewife proud as punch!

Thrifty Tuesdays

Budgeting is a big part of my life as a stay-at-home mum. Other than a little contracting, I haven’t made money for a few years now. Going down to one wage certainly was a shock but I soon realised if I wanted to be a full time mum, I needed to spend my husband’s salary very carefully. Now I’m a bona fide budget queen, a real tight arse! I go to loony lengths to save a buck, but luckily I enjoy being a bargain hunter. I’ve always loved op shops and recycling cool old things and renovating furniture. On Tuesdays I’ll bring you tales of fantastic thrifty finds, furniture breathing new life, budgeting done right and more – and it won’t cost you a dime!

Weigh-in Wednesdays

Right now I’m a bit more ‘Roseanne’ from the 1990s sitcom starring Roseanne Barr than I am ‘Claire’ from Modern Family. But I want to be the fit, trim, fun-loving, marathon-running mum, I swear I do! I’m on a mission to lose weight and to raise a healthy, happy family. So on Wednesdays I will be weighing in on all sorts of health issues, including diet, exercise, body image and how to focus on fitness when sleep deprivation rears its ugly head.

Through The Lens Thursdays

Like most modern parents, I take approximately 400 photos of my kids each week. Ever since we farewelled rolls of film, there’s been no stopping us. I am not a fantastic photographer but I love capturing special family moments and each Thursday I’ll share some with you lucky devils.

Fun Fridays

There will be no serious stuff on Fridays. Since becoming a stay-at-home mum I pretty much see Fridays as part of the weekend and by about 4pm I’m cursing my decision to bypass the wine aisle that week (what was I, momentarily deranged?) I want laughs aplenty on Fridays, some fun posts which have us all thinking ‘cheers to the freaking weekend!’ Let’s put parenting issues in the too-hard basket and worry about it on Monday.


2 Responses to “Well hello! Welcome to my blog”

  1. xenia

    Hello-love this blog, how can I get the emails to my inbox or facebook notifications. Also, I saw you had some blank A4 charts like-rosters for daily/monthly chores/ routines links we can fill in but now I can’t find it-can you post me the link again-just preparing for baby number 2


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