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Colour Me Happy: Educational Colours Review

November rain is not only an amazing Guns N’ Roses song, but also a bit of a bugger in New Zealand when summer is supposed to be on its way. I faced a rainy November day stuck inside with the kids recently. Desperate to brighten up the gloomy day, I got out the new paint range I’d been sent from Educational Colours to review.

Like all preschoolers, Henry and Annie jumped at the chance to paint since making a huge mess is their favourite thing. This mean mum normally saves painting for the kindy teachers to suggest, but I was excited by our cool new craft supplies and I was willing to sacrifice the state of the kitchen table.

I laid out some brown paper and the impressive collection from Educational Colours. We had big bright pots of paint, great thick paintbrushes which are perfect for toddler hands, stamps and texture brushes. I’m not very creative, so I laid out the green and red paint, drew terrible tree outlines and told the kids to come up with something fun for Christmas.

Out came both their personalities: Henry was excited to stick to the rules and create Christmas decorations in the “right” colours. Annie shook her head and said “I neeeeeeeed pink!” So I added all the colours to the bombsite that was developing and let the kids go crazy with their paintbrushes, stamps, fingers, palms, elbows….


I loved the bold, bright colours of the paints and was really impressed with how easily they wiped clean from every nearby surface. The stamps were hard for 2.5 year old Annie to use as she needed to just dip the stamps in the paint a little and she’s more of an “alot or nothing” kind of girl. The texture brushes took some skill too, but they would be great for older kids with more control.

It was a very typical painting session in our house, one where it looked like someone had added paint to a blender with the lid off. The difference this time was that we had much cooler supplies, which meant the whole thing lasted longer than our usual flash-in-a-pan painting sessions.

Our Christmas trees came out not too bad and left this artistically-challenged mum wondering if maybe I do have the next Colin McCahon or Rita Angus in my house after all.


Read more about Educational Colours.


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