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Wine’o’clock Just Got Cooler

It’s 5pm somewhere and you’ve had a long day with the kids. You decide it’s wine-o-clock and a cold glass of the good stuff would be simply wonderful right now. Horror sets in when you discover there’s no wine in the fridge! Panicking will get you nowhere so you try to remain calm as the room temp tipple sits on the shelf mocking you.

It’s time to assess the depth of your need because you’ve got two options: freezer or fridge. Sure, the freezer seems a little extreme but seriously, who hasn’t used the freezer? Desperate times call for desperate measures and people who claim they’ve never done this are either lucky or lying.

Whether you choose the desperate route or the “I can wait” dignity-saving option, the time will come when you will have to make another decision. Is that wine cold enough? How do you know? It’s a guessing game. It’s fraught with danger. Are you setting yourself up for disappointment? That first sip is to be savoured and you don’t want to be full of regret (and luke warm wine – urgh!)

Well, there are wines you can buy which help with this conundrum, from VNO. These clever clogs have redesigned their labels with thermo technology. They actually tell you when the wine is at optimal drinking temperature! Pretty “cool” ay?
I was introduced to this awesome innovation when I was sent a chilled box of VNO wine to review. I could have kissed the courier but I held it together and later had a high-five-myself moment when I managed to refreign from opening a bottle until an acceptable hour.

Not that acceptable – it was before dinner and my kids were still circling the kitchen like lunatics, so I started with the Hawke’s Bay Skinny Rose. Described as “a crisp citrusy palate brimming with berry flavours” (I’m leaving the experty-sounding stuff to the experts here!) this rose is delicious and low in alcohol and calories. This is pretty much my ideal wine. Rose is my favourite and the lower alcohol volume makes me feel less tired when I still have work to do at night. Low in calories? Well that’s a no brainer!

There’s also a “skinny” Marlborough Sav Blanc option for those who don’t love Rose like I do. The experts say it’s “brimming with lifted aromas of tropical pineapple and lemongrass” and I have to admit, while my palate is not that sophisticated, I liked this wine and that’s all that matters to me. Nom nom.

Of course, the VNO peeps sent me some “real” wine too – stuff with “proper” alcohol content and calories. I saved these for a special occasion ie when I would not be drinking alone and when getting “tipsy” would be more socially acceptable. A drink of the Hawke’s Bay Pinot Gris went down well with my mum and then I shared the Hawke’s Bay Chard with a friend in the late-afternoon sun.

All-in-all, this reviewer found VNO wines to be delicious and will be buying the Skinny Rose, safe in the knowledge that I’ll always have a bottle ready to chill and will always know exactly when to pop that baby open. Cheers to that!

For more information on VNO Wines and VNO Skinny, go to or visit You can also follow @VNOWines on Instagram.


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