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Kiwi Mummy Blogs review – Bouncing Buddies…

Lucky arrived at our house on a Friday afternoon, just in time to keep the kids entertained over the weekend. He is plastic, fantastic and we love him dearly.

Sweet lil’ Lucky is from Bouncing Buddies, a Kiwi business which aims to have kids bouncing, learning and having fun. He’s made from 100% eco-friendly PVC and is suitable for kids from 12 months. He is so cute that even I want to cuddle him and keep him forever.

At first, three-year-old Henry and almost-two Annie didn’t know what to do with Lucky so they treated him like a pet. They gave him food and water and put him on the potty. They wiped his butt and put him to bed with strict instructions to ‘go to sleep’.

Go to sleep Lucky.

Go to sleep Lucky.

The next day I embarked on an embarrassing mission to show them how to bounce on Lucky. This is where the real fun began. You see, small children don’t necessarily bounce up and down like pros – they fall off and it’s hilarious! Henry and Annie had a ball on our lawn, falling off Lucky over and over again and getting the giggles big time.

Lucky lives in Annie’s room now. She gives him lots of ‘tisses and tuddles’ and likes bouncing up and down the hallway on his back. It is the cutest thing. He is ideal for a child her age and I bet she would have had a ball with him when she was younger too.

Bouncing Buddies

I love Bouncing Buddies because they help kids expend some of that ever-present energy, and because they are bright, cheery and fun. I like that we can play with Lucky inside and out and we can have a laugh treating him as part of the family. Most of all, I like that he is a totally technology-free way for kids to have a good time!

You can buy Lucky online at Bouncing Buddies, or check out one of his friends like Mellow, Misty, Dribbles, Razzy, Dinky, BoBo and Bumbles. And if you like the idea of bouncing yourself, there’s Bernie the Bouncing Bull, suitable for kids from five years and able to handle up to 100kg!

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