How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

Facebook, I need my life back please!

Forgive me for the cliché, but I often wonder why my life feels so busy when I live in modern times full of machines which make life easier than ever. I think about generations of mums before me, who didn’t enjoy such luxuries, of my own mum who raised three kids without the internet!

I think often about living without the internet, mostly about being a parent without Facebook. I know this sounds ridiculous but Facebook has been massively helpful to my parenting. It has helped me stay connected with friends overseas, share pictures of my kids with family far and wide, and most of all it has been a huge support network with other mums.

Every day my coffee group Facebook pages are updated with the latest parenting issue to discuss, or something funny that someone’s kid did. We go there to share frustrations and offer up a friendly ‘me too!’ It’s a nice alternative to banging our heads against the wall or turning to the bottle.

But lately I’ve been getting really sick of how much time I spend on Facebook. Even on really busy days, I’m on the damn thing. Even when I’m complaining that there was no time to exercise or clean the bathroom, I would have found time to flick through my newsfeed.

I have to admit to being on Facebook on my phone while my kids are trying to tell me something, or standing at my computer while they poke me in the leg with a book they want me to read to them. That’s how I know that Facebook has gotten out of control.

I can’t switch off completely. I organise all my catch ups with coffee gals through Facebook and I don’t want to lose touch with friends overseas or miss the pictures of their cute kids or amazing travels. Plus I’m in digital marketing, and I need to know stuff about social media.

Well never fear, dear reader, because I found a solution to this first world problem and its name is Minutes Please. Using this website, you can set a limit on whichever time-sucking social media tool is causing you grief. Simply type in the website name, how many minutes you want to spend on it and click ‘please’. Your website will open in a new tab and Minutes Please will stay open in its tab, ticking away like a little time bomb. You can choose to extend the time, and you can pause the timer which is really handy.


I’m so happy with this solution and just hope I can find the strength to keep using Minute Please. Now I just need to find the balls to delete the Facebook app on my phone! Baby steps.


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