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Sneak a Peek Baby Monitor for Cars (Giveaway closed)

My babies aren’t babies any more, but that doesn’t stop me looking back with regret on a few things I should have bought back when they were. Like a new Portacot, because I borrowed one that made me swear like an effing sailor every time I needed it. Most of all, if I could jump in a DeLorean and time travel, I would change my car set up, because it turns out a crappy mirror attached to a head rest with ribbon isn’t the smartest option.

I still get the shudders thinking about the stress of driving with a newborn. I could have loaned out either of my little darlings to a defensive driving test, because if you can avoid crashing with a Burnie baby in the back, you’d pass any test, girlfriend. I still can’t believe I never drove off a road, crashed into a power pole or rear-ended anyone.

My kids are grown up, forward-facing passengers now and in-car meltdowns are rare, but I still jumped at the chance to give away this amazing product – the Sneak a Peak Baby Monitor for Cars. If I could save one lucky reader from the heart-stopping stress of not quite seeing their baby going full demon in the back seat, then of course I would do it!

I also gave the product to my friend, Anna, a writer and mum to cuter-than-cute baby Ruby. Here’s what she had to say about using the Sneak a Peek Baby Monitor for Cars….

To be honest, I was a little dubious when I opened up my brand spanking new in-car baby monitor. What could it do that a mirror strapped to the headrest of my backseat couldn’t?

Well, plenty actually.

No longer was I squinting in my rearview mirror, hoping to catch a glimpse of my baby girl, trying to figure out if that was a grin or a grimace on her face.  Instead, I had my snazzy monitor stuck to my windscreen, offering a crystal-clear picture of what was going on in that carseat capsule.

As I discovered while driving through a tunnel, it even offers a night-vision view, which I thought was pretty nifty (even if it did make my baby look like she was on The Blair Witch Project.)

And the set-up really was as easy as it says on the box.  The bracket affixing the monitor to my car’s windscreen was in place within seconds, as was the (very cute) stuffed toy puppy which houses the video camera.

My only problem now is keeping my eyes on the road instead of gazing at my little girl on that little monitor!

(Giveaway is now closed) WIN A SNEAK A PEEK BABY MONITOR FOR CARS!

I have one Sneak a Peek Baby Monitor to give away, from CC Transportation Systems, worth $249.95. To be in the drawer, tag a friend on the giveaway post pinned to the top of my Facebook page. The giveaway is open to all New Zealand residents until midnight Friday 27 March. Entrants must successfully tag a friend to be in to win. The winner will be announced on Monday 30 March and will have one week to contact My Lucky Stars with their postal address, otherwise the prize will be redrawn.


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