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Peli’s Bath Tub Play Pouch Review and Giveaway

Many moons and two children ago, lazing in a bath was my favourite way to relax. I still love it and I still indulge sometimes, but the pre-bath process I have to go through really saps the joy out of the experience. We have one bath, used mostly by the wee monkeys and full of their many bath toys. Before I can relax, I have to fish out all the toys, stacking them on the bath’s edge and swearing like a sailor as they inevitably fall back into the bubbles. Most of all I hate how dirty the bath becomes when you store toys on its edge. I’ve attempted to use a couple of storage options which rely on suction cups, but they always fall off or the kids destroy them. So I took on a “don’t look” approach. I’d clear the bath when I wanted to use it and the rest of the time I would choose to ignore the mess. You can imagine my excitement when Dreambaby asked me to do a review on exactly what I needed – Peli’s Bath Tub Play Pouch. Just look at the picture. This thing is cute to boot! I attached it to our bath the moment it arrived, filled it with toys, stood back and smiled. My little slice of heaven looked ever-so-slightly haven-like again, while remaining fun for the kids. That night, I was excited to introduce the kids to Peli and I was so happy when a previously unthought-of benefit became obvious. The kids love throwing toys down his gob. Yip they CLEAN UP their own toys. Peli is awesome because he is larger than a lot of bath toy storage options and he affixes to the side of most baths. He is easy to remove and reattach and you can choose to hang Peli’s bill on the inside of your bath, or the outside. The mesh bag allows for easy drainage.


Win Peli’s Bath Tub Play Pouch Thanks to Dreambaby, I have one Peli’s Bath Tub Play Pouch (worth $49.95) to give away. All you have to do is answer the below question on Facebook and you’re in the draw. One extra entry for any readers who ‘share’ the giveaway or tag a friend in the comments section. Make sure you have “liked” the My Lucky Stars Facebook page to see if you are the winner. Question: The first time I bathed my baby, I thought… Jump on over to Facebook to enter the draw and Peli could be yours! Fine print: The giveaway is open to New Zealand residents only and runs until midnight on Monday 9th February. Winner will be announced on the My Lucky Stars Facebook page and on the blog and the prize will be redrawn if the winner does not get in contact within a week of the announcement. Prize will be delivered via NZ Post. Only entrants who have answered the question on the My Lucky Stars Facebook page will be valid. IMG_0547


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