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Making cheap cushions look choice

Have you seen the price of cushions? What are they made of, gold? They’re like duvet covers – simple to make yet stupidly expensive. Any idiot can make a cushion cover and last weekend, this idiot did.

You see, a few weeks ago, I came across two dangerously cool wire bar stools at an op shop for $15 each. I had been looking for bar stools for over two years, ever since we had our new kitchen installed with an island which just begged to become a breakfast bar. I had never seen ones I liked which weren’t hundreds of dollar dollar bills yo.

These two were very “on trend” although they needed a good scrubbing and a coat of spray paint. I took them home, all ready to sell them on Trade Me if my husband didn’t like the style.

Sucks to be him. They instantly looked right at home. I got the tick of approval from a good friend/interior decorator and a thumbs up from another friend who’s just plain cool. I was sold when I realised how much easier life would be if I served breakfast on the island and only had one surface to clean.

I was in love but sadly my new bar stools weren’t perfect. They were bloody uncomfortable, painfully so! They needed padding which could tie on securely. There was no way I could blow the budget on cushions so I knew I’d have to rock some DIY.

Off to Spotlight I went, on a solo mission, which any crafty mum knows is a wonderful thing. Free from the complaining voices of my little loves, I mooched around the cushion section with time to come up with a brilliant plan.

Two cheap yet super comfortable tie-on cushions. Half a metre of cool monochromatic material. Eight big black buttons. I cut off the ties, made the new cover, reattached the ties before sewing along the last seam. Then I sewed on the buttons in the existing indents.

For once in my life, a sewing project came off exactly as I was hoping. Now I just need to embrace my inner tagger and get spraying! Last time I spray painted furniture I ended up with a very sore index finger. Not very gangster ay.








2 Responses to “Making cheap cushions look choice”

  1. Amanda Peart

    They’re awesome – both stool and cushion. Like that you’ve got mismatched prints in the same colours too. I finally made cushion covers for couch cushions recently after buying cushion inners for them 3 years ago! But not nearly as fancy as yours with ties and buttons. I’m also jealous of the fact that Annie looks like she actually eats cereal you serve her? Lucy paints her arms with her weetbix more than eating it


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