How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

Inspector Gadget

Did you emerge from the fog of the festive season with a couple of extra kilograms hanging around like a bad smell? I did and I’m horrified. After months of trying so hard to ditch the “extras” I’ve only bloody gone in the opposite direction. Damn, blast, bugger, bother and crap!

But wait, there’s no need to despair, for we have entered a new year and with that comes a newfound motivation that has me high on life and exercise. Part of my enthusiasm comes from discovering the pure joy of GADGETS! Gloriously helpful gadgets which make the weight loss journey more like a fun ride than an uphill slog.

Last year you might have walked into our house and wondered what decade we resided in, so un-technological was our set up. We were stuck in the 20th century with old school cell phones, a stereo too heavy to lift and a landline we still use (if only to call our parents).

That all changed when my cell phone took a tumble off the bench. One smashed screen and it was all over, Rover. “Oh no” I said as I told my husband, but secretly I was excited to dip into my work savings for a sparkly new Samsung marvel machine. I couldn’t even wait to charge the thing before I downloaded all the apps I’d wanted for years.

Then at Christmas my husband found the gadget of his dreams – a Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker. We downloaded Deezer on my phone and now we can take all the world’s music everywhere we go. I carry it from room to room to improve the daily housework grind, and I use it as added motivation to get moving by working out at home.

Bose Soundlink

One first world problem remained. How did I keep track of whether I was being active enough? When Christmas shopping I had seen fitness trackers everywhere I went. I knew it would be me to a tee. Sparked by my newfound love of gadgets, I just knew I had to get one.

And I am in love with my Fitbit Flex. I need to make up a new word for how obsessed I am with the thing. If you haven’t seen one, they are like a bracelet which tracks your daily steps and monitors your sleep. Then you get the corresponding app and use your smartphone like a dashboard, logging the type of exercise you’ve done, how many calories you’ve burned, the food you’ve eaten and how much water you’ve had. So great.


There is nothing more motivating than tapping the device and seeing through a few dots that you haven’t been active enough that day. I’ve learned that I’m quite an active person and my normal day as a stay-at-home mum with one workout, walk or run is enough to get me well over the recommended daily steps. That’s 10,000, which seems a lot but isn’t really when you spend all day chasing active little people.

I’m sorted! I have no excuses left and a device on my wrist which calls me out if I get lazy. My only fear is that I’m so into my Fitbit, I’m becoming a terrible bore who can’t stop talking about it to anyone who’ll listen. I will apologise in advance to anyone unfortunate enough to be my friend.


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