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It’s in the bag

I can’t stop thinking about Batman. No, not in THAT way, you dirty bird. My almost three-year-old is super obsessed with Batman and since I’m his mum, I’m forced to be obsessed with him too. A couple of months back I was deep into party planning (well I’d made a board on Pinterest!) for Henry’s third birthday when he announced: “I want a Batman party with a Batman cake”. Aaaaalllrighty then.

It was a very do-able theme. Batman cakes are easy peasy compared to some requests I’ve heard from three year olds, and buying black and yellow everything wouldn’t be hard. Food was semi sorted after I found a Batman-shaped cookie cutter on Fishpond and then only one problem remained – the party bags. I wanted them to be fun, cheap and cheerful and I didn’t want to rely on lollies to win the kids over.

On to Pinterest, where I searched and searched and shook my head at the ridiculous money some people spend on party bags. Just as I was losing faith, I found the gosh darn cutest thing – a tutorial for superhero masks made out of two layers of felt sewn together.

I set up a one-woman production line and started what is now called “the party bag mission” because it feels like I’ve been tracing, cutting and sewing the damn things for weeks. At one stage I really lost enthusiasm and had to dig deep. I asked myself: “What would Batman do?” Batman wouldn’t give up. He would solider on and get the job done, all with a slightly creepy smile on his dial. I would do the same.

Then it dawned on me that Batman has a butler! He wouldn’t lower himself to such a monotonous task when “the help” could do it. He’d pass the boring job on so he could go out and play with Robin. Not in THAT way…


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