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Adios, winter woollies!

Looking for a way to store all your winter guff and make way for the fun summer stuff? Those sucky little Space Bag thingies will do just the trick, says this self-confessed storage nerd.

Spring sprung awhile back and while Auckland can’t decide if its Arthur or Martha, I’m moving on to summer plans and oscillating fans. While the temperature jumps around like a sugar-fuelled kid in a bouncy castle, I’m packing away our winter gear and hoping for the best. Sunshine, you can follow suit now, thanks.

Last week we had a tiler working on our living room so I held myself hostage in our master bedroom and Googled everything I’d always wanted to know and checked Facebook 47 times. Bored out of my mind, I decided to tackle the terrible clutter creeping about in our wardrobe.

For weeks now I’ve looked at all the extra winter blankets, flannelette sheets, hats, gloves, scarves and giant woollen jumpers and thought: “You’ve outstayed your welcome, warm things.”

I’m a nerd when it comes to storage, so I’d already excitedly purchased a couple of Space Bags for this very task. If you don’t know what a Space Bag is, let me refresh your memory in the style of an infomercial, which is how the handy buggers were marketed, repeatedly, years ago when invented.

Do you have too much stuff and not enough space? Do you want to cut the clutter? Well look no further! Space Bags let you pack away all that extra bedding and clothing with ease. Don’t waste hours looking for something in piles of frustrating junk! Simply fill up your Space Bag, slide the convenient zip lock, suck out the excess air and viola! It couldn’t be simpler. But wait there’s more…

I won’t go in to details on how much I enjoyed watching my Space Bag shrivel like a prune, shrinking to half its size, or how satisfied I felt when I slipped mountains of merino and other winter woollies into the unused space under my son’s bed. You’d think I was a real saddo. My wardrobe, however, is now anything but sad. It looks like one of those ads in a magazine where a storage space is so neat and orderly that you wonder where those fake people keep all their stuff!

It won’t last. These things never do. But I will enjoy this magazine-worthy master bedroom while I still can. My wardrobe looks wonderful and there’s now gaping holes just waiting to be filled up with all the goodies you need in the hot and hazy days of summer!

You can buy Space Bags online at Howard’s Storage World (full disclosure, I’m related to the owners!).


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