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L is for love

One of my favourite ways to decorate our home is to make my own framed art, which I think is more personal and certainly more affordable. Recently I found the most adorable book at a white elephant stall, called Disney’s Elegant ABC. It’s Henry’s new favourite and an absolute joy the read, with a few rhymes for each letter and old-school sentiments which always make me smile.

I fell in love with one page in particular, featuring the characters from The Jungle Book and with the sweetest rhyme: “L is for love, and in all kinds of weather, for family and friends, it will go on forever.” The colours were so bright and happy and matched a print I have hanging all on its lonesome in our bathroom.

So I framed the page with a nice gold number from Factory Frames and hung it with our ‘Brush Your Teeth” dinosaur. I love splashes of colour in a bathroom and these two cool prints hanging by our vanity make me so happy.

L is for Love


2 Responses to “L is for love”

  1. Kiri

    I absolutely LOVE this idea Kelly! I have had so much enjoyment making art for my kids walls – for Theo I scoured Pinterest for ideas and did 4 pieces – all squares, arranged in a square with a nautical theme. I replicated what I saw just using clipart and wordart in powerpoint and printed it out on white canvas looking paper from Warehouse Stationery then framed it – which all sounds pretty budget but the result was better than some art I had previously ordered from professionals for a friend’s baby.
    This is such a fab idea and I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for pages from kids books going forward!!


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