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Who’s in the Wiggles house?

I love The Wiggles. I really do. Those multi-coloured enthusiastic groovers and shakers have given my little guy hours of entertainment on car rides. However, they came on as we backed out of our driveway last weekend and Tim said: “Are we going to have to listen to them for four hours next weekend?” We are going on a road trip to Whangaroa, in Northland. I once took the kids on a solo mission to the Coromandel and listened to The Wiggles the whole way. I will not be doing that again.

Tim suggested borrowing a travel DVD player but I really don’t want to “go there” on trips just yet. I don’t mind the kids watching the telly, but road trips are fun family events! If we planned well, surely we could have an enjoyable trip without technology, which I don’t think any holiday needs! (Full disclosure, I have checked there’s a TV at the holiday  house for the final of The Block…)

After a wee search on Pinterest, I am armed with ideas. I picked my favourites to share with you, because summer is just around the corner and if I can save one mother from listening to Who’s in The Wiggles House 45 times in one weekend, well then I’ve done my job.

  • Track your progress (from – Take a picture of a little car and put it on string. Every hour or so, move the car further along the string until it reaches its destination, a great way to give toddlers a visual image to avoid the “Are we there yet?” question.
  • A “snackle box” – Take a tackle box or something similar and fill with lots of little snacks. Kids love snacks don’t they and this will make a nice change to me constantly ferreting around in my handbag until we reach the end of the snack supply.

Snackle box

  •  Magnadoodle – I’m going to hunt down a Magnadoodle because our kids haven’t got one yet so it will be both a novelty item and something that will hopefully keep them entertained.
  • Car Bucks – you can find a cute PDF to print for Car Bucks here.  They are tokens kids can earn for good behaviour, with a fun treat waiting for them at the destination. Will work for Henry (almost three) but not for Annie (almost 18 months).
  • A Preschooler Scavenger Hunt – I love this simple printable from There’s also this very cute Summer Vacation I Spy printable which you could keep going for the whole holiday.

I Spy Printable

  • Colouring Pages – I’ll be making the most of Henry’s new obsession with Frozen and taking some colouring pages along, complete with a plastic chopping board or something for him to lean on.

And for lots more ideas, here’s this very cool list 50 Fantastic Road Trip Activities for Kids or find exactly what you want on Pinterest – there are so many awesome ideas on there, I swear!


6 Responses to “Who’s in the Wiggles house?”

  1. Kiri

    Oh the Wiggles, 2 hours up to Whangarei Wiggles on repeat, I can relate!! Although if I’m totally honest, I MAY sing along just as loud (if not louder) than my little one. LOVE the Snackle-box and track your progress ideas, will definitely give them a go. You can grab a mini-magna-doodle at Farmers for about $12 🙂

    • kellyburnie

      I sing along so loud too! Isn’t the tracker progress thing so cute. I’ll check out Farmers – thanks for the tip.

  2. Adele Bryson

    I love your positive attitude…lol and I wish you luck….

    But on the Music front…some “new” music to try which we can cope with is The NZ group Mr Roberelli. We particularly like his first album “house on Wheels” The lyrics are quirky enough even they even have me and Andrew smiling. (we even had to google what a tardigrade was…)
    Also I have another NZ cd which name escapes me at the mo but makes me feel less like its someone dragging nails down a blackboard board, than wiggles, high five and mickey mouse clubhouse do…and at least we can mix it up… also another goody is old skool Constable Keith and Sniffs (from our what now days) CD (which we poached from our lovely neighbour) which has lots of old kids songs that Andrew I sing heartly along to reminiscing over being five year olds which amauses one 3 year old no end…failing that Finn loves a bit of Queen, and Dads death metal, and Mums brooke fraser….

    PS jealous of your mini break away – though I know it is well deserved! xxx

    But the magna doodles are gold – esp if the pen is attached (otherwise you will have to rescue the pen constantly too)

    • kellyburnie

      Cool! I might hunt down some of this cool music you speak of. I actually really enjoy The Wiggles, it’s just that I’ve had it so much. I think they are quite good song writers he he.

    • kellyburnie

      About time he got some culture, you reckon? I’ll play it to him this afternoon 😉


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