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Handyman’s dream

I bought a house on Trade Me. It is a handyman’s dream, but then it was only $15. It was made by a man for his daughter and she played with it for years and the family held on to it for many more years, before selling it on to me.

For Christmas I wanted something cheap yet meaningful to give to Annie, something I could put some love into, and that my little girl would love. So I scoured Trade Me for do-up doll houses and found an absolute bargain. It needs a lot of work but has a lot of history.

When I went to pick up the dolls house, the builder’s wife told me all about its construction. I just love hearing about the history of things I buy on Trade Me. The house has the same lino, carpet and wallpaper as the home where its owner grew up. I wish we could do the same, but we have hardwood floors, painted walls and carpet that hasn’t been replaced in years.

So my new house needs a jolly good sand, a lick of paint and some new flooring and wallpaper. I can’t wait to pretty it up and I think I’ll use scrapbooking paper to create the effect of the beautiful house pictured above. For now, this house is sitting in the garage, which my poor husband cleared out over Labour Weekend. I’ve already piled it up with projects so he needs a bigger garage (or a less enthusiastic wife!)


2 Responses to “Handyman’s dream”

  1. Adele Bryson

    I got a similar deal and Kirsty Alexander and her amazing hubby painted it up like a dream for their wee girl! So much fun – cant wait to do the same for this wee poppet on the way. i have made hobby horses and revamped rocking horses for my nieces and about to reupholster a stool for Finn- I so love things that have love poured into them 🙂 Can’t wait to the see the before and afters of your creation!! xx

  2. Amanda Peart

    That is so cool. My dad did one up for my niece a couple of years ago that he found in a neighbour’s inorganic collection, even put little pics and a mini calendar on the wall. My old one is still at my parent’s place somewhere too, so need to drag it out and get it cleaned up for Lucy. The miniature furniture and utensils are the cutest things ever.


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