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Random ramblings for your Wednesday

I couldn’t think of one thing to talk about today, so instead I thought I’d rave on about three things that I’ve found interesting lately, in the inaugural Weigh-in Wednesday Random Ramble.

One: The SPIbelt

SPIbeltI’m putting aside how I feel about unnecessarily complicated brand names, to tell you how much I love my new SPIbelt, which I got so I don’t have to put my asthma inhaler in my bra (too much information, I know!) This product is essentially a bumbag, but much smaller, much more comfortable and nowhere near as nerdy. The belt part is made from elastic, so it stays where you put it, unlike bumbags which flop around all over the place. The tiny pocket expands as you need it, so you can fit a phone, your cards, keys etc. I’m so stoked with it! $36.95 from Shoe Science.

Two: Subway online ordering

Subway is our go-to last-minute dinner choice when we realise at 6pm that we have no food in the house and that cheese-on-crackers is not a complete meal for toddlers. Henry is obsessed with the place, which helps. The other night I was ordering online when I realised that the clever website was adding up the calories at the bottom of my order. I know this is something so simple, but I just love that they thought of that.

Three: Lactose-free milk

product-blue1We’ve gone lactose-free for little Annie May, who has suffered from eczema her whole life, just like  her parents and her big brother – we’re an itchy and scratchy family! Her skin has been terrible lately, possibly due to the drier weather, but also she has been having more cow’s milk to settle to sleep at night.

Our doctor and dermatologist both said food doesn’t cause eczema, but I’ve always wondered if I should eliminate dairy from her diet. Over the weekend I researched eczema again and discovered stories from sufferers who had gotten rid of their eczema by giving up cow’s milk, because they found the lactose in the milk was an irritant.

Even just a few days in, her skin has improved, so hopefully we’ve found the problem and for now I’m stocking up on Anchor’s lactose-free milk Zero Lacto.


2 Responses to “Random ramblings for your Wednesday”

  1. Adele Bryson

    Love the idea of a SPIbelt!! Being an asthmatic esp thinks its great – would it fit a phone too though? shame its gunna be a while before i can hit the streets again and yay for lactose free if it helps ! x and ordering subway online…wow would make dad picking up dinner on the way home sooo much easier!

    • kellyburnie

      Yip it fits a phone. And yes, the Subway website saves so much time! You can pay too, so you just walk in and it’s all ready.


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