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I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas

Zoom back with me to the glorious ’80s. I’m sitting at the family dinner table refusing to eat my vegetables and probably being an absolute bloody beep because apparently I was one a lot if you listen to my parents. They’re getting annoyed with me but I’m stubborn and I won’t give in to their demands, so they whip out the old gem: “There are children starving in Africa who would love to eat those!”

I’m sure I heard that one most nights. One day I know I’ll use it with my own kids, as now I get how damn frustrating it is to cook a nice meal, only to hear “it’s yucky”. But mostly, I just hate wasting food, especially since groceries are so expensive now it’s not the 1980s. Cheap food is so last century!

Now I know the tip I’m about to share goes beyond “thrifty” and might sound ridiculous, but I have started saving discarded apples and bananas, because my kids drop theirs willy nilly, after deciding they’re not hungry after all. If I don’t keep on top of picking it all up, my lounge floor starts to resemble a graveyard of long-forgotten fruit and it drives me…. BANANAS!

My friend suggested putting the half bananas into the freezer and now I do that. They pile up in a Glad bag until I need some for baking and then I defrost them and hey, Bob’s your uncle! With apples, I take the ones that have only had a bite or two taken out of them and I put them in the fridge until they pile up. By the end of the week I usually have a pot of stewed apples on my hands, handy for topping cereal or using in baking too.

It’s not a money saving thing (even I draw the line at worrying about scraps!) but now my conscience is clear as I’m not wasting food that those less fortunate people (in Africa, or otherwise) wish they had in great supply. That and I really hope I’m teaching those ungrateful buggers who call me Mum that wasting food is not cool – not cool at all.


3 Responses to “I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas”

  1. Amanda Peart

    Me too. And I’ve pulled out the starving kids line already, though I don’t think it has the desired effect on an 18 month old brain. Frozen bananas are super handy for baking, and Lucy loves stewed apples, always try and have some in the freezer. It’s not fruit related but I found myself totally overzealous with home made bread crumbs the other day and had heaps left over – in the freezer. And I sometimes save the crusts from loaves of bread, rip them up and save them to feed ducks. And we freeze herbs too, if they grow like topsy in the garden – mint, parsley etc (in ice cube trays), and chillies, lemon grass, curry leaves, etc. And tomato paste, coconut milk, egg whites, if I have left over from baking. Put them in ice cube trays, then transfer to snaplock bag when it’s frozen (and label with date). As you can see I hate wasting food too. I just wish we had a bigger freezer.

    • kellyburnie

      The ice tray is a brilliant trick, thanks for sharing. I find it’s not so much about not wanting to avoid waste as it is just handy to have what you need sitting there when you’re trying to throw together a meal or some baking, especially things like coconut milk – they never come in the quantities you need for any recipes, right?


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