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Clean up and smell the roses

Clean up and smell the roses

How do you feel about cleaning? I’m not exactly leading the fan club, I’ve got to be honest. There really is nothing more boring and any sense of satisfaction you might get from scrubbing something is destroyed the second you realise you have kids. That room is certainly going from ‘clean’ to ‘disaster zone’ before your sponge is even dry.

Cleaning drives me up the wall, and it’s the walls which make me craziest of all.

In 2012 we renovated our house and replaced all of the main internal walls. A team of incredibly efficient, very talented Cambodian painters did such a stellar job, that when I first saw my freshly painted walls, I could have cried. So how long did the walls stay so pristine when we returned with Hurricane Henry? They were destroyed in seconds.

I’ve spent two years looking at grubby finger marks on the walls and never quite getting them all clean. I pretty much just live in hope that all our visitors are temporarily blinded to grotty things when they enter our house.

Recently I was moaning about the state of my walls to a friend. I know what you’re thinking and yes, my friends are pretty lucky to enjoy such scintillating conversation! Anyhoo, said friend recommended Wendyl’s Rose Cleaning Paste. I’ve really enjoyed Wendyl Nissen’s book A Home Companion, so I immediately ordered some online.

This isn’t a product review, but rather a recommendation because the paste is really great! It’s made from all natural ingredients, smells absolutely divine and works a treat. Best of all, Wendyl’s products come with their recipes so you can make this yourself once you finish the tub. How cool!

While we’re on the subject of cleaning, I saw this on Facebook and thought it was a laugh and a half. I was nodding HARD about the TV one – lost count of the times I’ve sat watching TV and shaking my head at the multiple handprints getting in the way of my enjoyment of The Block.

Clean up and smell the roses


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