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Six weeks until summer

Oh dear, it’s just six weeks until summer. I had planned to look like Gisele Bundchen by now – where did I go wrong? I do have some good news though, because after months of sitting at a frustrating plateau, I have finally lost some more weight! Once I saw that downward trend on the scales, I was all revved up to kick start a health kick before the weather heats up and I’m squirming around in too-small shorts. Again.

When I think about why I’ve failed to keep losing weight, I know deep down that it’s because I either eat well, or I exercise consistently, but never at the same time. So I’m back to using My Fitness Pal to track food and exercise and I am sticking to it like super glue. If you have used this amazing tool, you will know that whenever you finish logging, the Pal tells you: “If every day was like today, you would weigh (fill in the blank) in five weeks”.

I find that so motivating, so I am doing the Five Week My Fitness Pal Challenge, whereby I am going to stick to 1500 calories a day for five weeks to see if the Pal is correct. If I can do it, I will be feeling mighty fine in that short time, and shorts will be looking oh-so-fabulous on my derriere. Whatever happens, I’ll update you at the start of December.

I also thought I’d share this handy checklist I’ve been using to keep track of how calories should be spread throughout the day. It helps you track your intake of protein, fibre, fruits, vegetables, water and more.


Six weeks till summer


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