urgh to rule 3 we break that 5/7 nights…

3. Don’t interfere with eating: Satter’s Division of Responsibility in Feeding — parents take charge of the when, where and what of eating and children get to decide whether and how much to eat — helps children preserve their food regulation skills, builds trust and allows kids to move along food acceptance at their own pace. That means no bribing with dessert, asking for more bites, restricting portions, eating between structured meals or short-order cooking.

We have a deal with Finn – however old he is means thats how many mouthfuls (at the moment that means only 2-3) we expect him to try otherwise he would instantly order dessert…to be fair once he starts eating (unless he is being particularly painful) we quite often “forget” to count and make no fuss and once he starts he will usually eat more than the agreed amount with zero fuss. Pretty much as long as he attempts to eat (as he eats like a sparrow most of time) we are ok with it… but if Finn had his way he would go without food most of the time unless it was junk food on offer….sighhhh.

Great article and blog. Not sure if all the rules would work in our house esp as we need grandparents etc to follow them and I prefer our count method to what we grew up with which was you had to finish everything that was dished up on your plate no matter what.