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Time to man up (with power tools)

Projects I plan to undertake will no doubt look absolutely nothing like this.

This is my future. I’m going to build this and then have seven more children.

Before summer kicks off, I’m keen to add another skill to my never-growing list of skills. I want to master the art of using power tools. I have lots of DIY projects burning away my brain, and many involve manly tools which make noise and scare me. I want to nail these projects (awesome pun intended) without nagging my always-too-busy husband to get involved. Every time I dream up a new project, I see his brain ticking over as he imagines how he’ll end up doing most of the work. I don’t want to be one of those nagging housewives from some silly sitcom all about how horrible it is to be married.

We have a completely empty front yard that we don’t use because there’s no fence, but this summer I want to make sure the kids have fun out there (albeit supervised!) I want to build a space for them to play. Of course, being a one income family means I have to find affordable solutions, of which there are plenty online. So today I’m sharing the three projects I hope to complete before summer is in full bloom.

Along the way, I’ll share with you what I’m learning, about things like how to find the right wood and how to not chop off your fingers. Pretty much all I know right now is that you measure twice, cut once, and then swear your head off when it doesn’t work, like my husband does. I hope you like these projects and I hope some of you want to “man up” and make some cool stuff too. (FYI there are more cool DIY projects on my Outside Pinterest board)

FIRST UP: I plan to tackle a Water Play Table, which looks simple but probably isn’t. I’m going to start with this plan (pictured) and modify it to fit Sistema’s 30L Storage Bins.

Water play table

AND THEEEEN: I want to make this Kids Picnic Table (pictured) for al fresco dining at its cutest. This one looks quite challenging, but I’m sure I’ll get there slowly. Can’t wait to paint it bright red and move all of those messy lunches outside under a tree.

Kids picnic table
 Another challenge, because it doesn’t come with plans, but both my kids dig climbing and I really love the way this climbing frame creates a little hideaway space too. My plan is to recycle an old tent for the doorways.

Climbing frame


6 Responses to “Time to man up (with power tools)”

    • kellyburnie

      Figure out how you’re going to make it and then tell me ha ha, save me some time 😉

  1. Amanda Peart

    I love all of them too. One of my plunket nurses told me she’d done the water/sand thing by cutting holes in a plastic table and put big buckets into the hole spaces for the sand and water. That sounds about my skill level. Would love to get Joff onto number three though. He’s got builder friends for advice too – i’ll see if I can get one of them to draw up a plan to share!

    • kellyburnie

      That would be so fantastic Amanda, how cool! Love the plastic table idea.

  2. adambabywear

    Looks great.. so much fun for the kids..

    I’ll try to set up playground for my daughter and my niece this weekend. I’m sure she’ll enjoy playing and some sort of activities like this.


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