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There must be mess

There must be mess

I’ve discovered I vacuum the house way less than most of my friends with kids. This doesn’t surprise me, I kind of knew I’d “given up” a little. It’s such a boring job and can be totally undone by the most miniscule piece of food found in the hands of a tiny person. However, yesterday I thought I better do this boring task and made the most of the kids keeping themselves amused on the balcony. Despite having to check on them every 30 seconds to make sure they weren’t halfway down the road, it was nice to get a chance to finish a task without consoling one of them in a fit of tears. When I finished I went out to see what they were actually doing. Oh great. Two pots of herbs totally destroyed, the soil biffed in handfuls all over the landing and stairs and against the house. One pot smashed. And these two, looking this happy. I’ve come to the conclusion that with kids, one way or another, there must be mess.


3 Responses to “There must be mess”

  1. Adele Bryson

    love it! And yup our carpet is a constant state of mess…almost worse because we have a cleaner at the moment, so unless it is damage causing and hubby feels keen – any mess now waits for the poor cleaner lol… what will I do when I have to do m own vacuuming again?!! It will be weeks before it gets done I am sure lol

  2. Amanda Peart

    Lucy would look just like that if she’d destroyed my pots too, it would have been so much fun. I don’t vacuum as much as I should either but at least now Lucy doesn’t cry and run away when she sees the vacuum cleaner. This makes it easier to do the job, but takes away my best excuse for not doing it.

  3. Anna Donald

    Shocker! But you’re right – mess is a must when kids are around. I like this little idea: that kids aren’t doing their job unless they leave at least a little piece of their presence in every room they go into.


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