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One measly month

Months ago I signed up, like a dummy, to do the Auckland Half Marathon. I had weeks and weeks of glorious time up my sleeve and felt I could achieve anything. Before the 10 week training schedule even started, I had the opportunity to nail my fitness and get a good technique and shed all the extra kilos which weren’t helping me become a running machine. I had this in the bag.

Fast forward to now and I could cry thinking about all those lost opportunities. Sure, I got sick a lot and you really can’t run when you can’t breathe. But then there were the times when getting to the gym was just too hard, or plodding around the pavements seemed like a fate worse than death. All those times I could have run, but didn’t quite get out the door. It has been hard with two kids suffering from winter bugs and keeping us up at night.

Anyhoo, I’m not a quitter so it’s game on from now on. I have four weeks to change my life. At the weekend I ran a 16km race, which is 5km short of a half marathon and here I am, still alive to tell the tale. The half marathon won’t kill me and I’m sure I’ll get over the head-to-toe pain which comes with being too out of shape to run such a distance.

It’s all systems go, people. I’ve been to the doctors to get my asthma under control, I’m popping hayfever pills like they’re about to become illegal, I have a month’s exercise totally planned out. I’m going to bed not long after the kids, in an effort to get as much sleep as possible. I have the determination that comes with knowing you mucked around and time is gone and it’s your own silly fault!

Training has been such a mission, I’m a bit worried I’m going to weep crossing that finish line. And even though I’ve said and disregarded this before, I am never doing another half marathon as long as I live. Now it’s published on the world wide web, so it’s official.


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