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Plain brown paper

The biggest canvas in the world wouldn't stop this guy from trying to paint his jeans.

The biggest canvas in the world wouldn’t stop this guy from trying to paint his jeans.

Call me a gift wrap geek, but I get real joy out of wrapping presents. I love creating a special package that’s unique to the person I’m celebrating. Years ago I fell for a trend of wrapping gifts in good old fashioned brown paper. I decided to buy a roll and it changed my life, in a very small way, but still! Not only did my gift wrapping step up a notch, but I solved the annoying problem of ending up at the shops last minute, searching for wrapping paper that was pricey and often quite fugly.

You can buy a huge roll from Warehouse Stationery for $130 (at the time of writing). I know it sounds like a lot, but my roll has lasted over four years, I have used it in a hundred ways and I still have about 3/4 of the roll left. It feels like it will never end and I haven’t bought wrapping paper ever since buying “the beast”.

Instead of splashing cash on wrapping paper, I’ve gathered treasure to fill a whole picnic basket, including cool Kikki K and Typo stamp kits, piles of recycled ribbon, bakers twine, cupcake toppers, magazine pictures, felt shapes, washi tape, little wooden pegs, scrapbooking paper and so much more.

So I’m saving money on wrapping, customising my presents and best of all, I constantly come up with new ways to use my brown paper roll, especially since having my messy, sticky, grubby little sweethearts. Just this month I’ve used it in the following fabulous ways:

  • To line the laundry, where my invalid cat and his disgusting litter box are currently living
  • To line the dining table when the kids want to use every mother’s nightmare item – Playdough
  • As a giant canvas for the kids to paint, creating lots of space for their creativity and saving the wooden floors
  • In the car boot when picking up plants and bags of topsoil
  • To wrap parcels for the post

Gosh I love a practical solution to everyday problems, especially one which saves money and time. I highly recommend getting a roll, especially ahead of Christmas. I know there’s far less swearing in this house when I use the sturdy brown paper, rather than that classic Christmas wrap which rips the second you touch it!

You can perve at some pretty presents on my It’s A Wrap Pinterest board.


2 Responses to “Plain brown paper”

  1. Adele Bryson

    As one of your gift receivers I LOVE YOUR WRAPPING!! It brings a smile to my face and I have kept the little wee treasures that were attached to the latest gifts as they mean so much xxxx

    • kellyburnie

      Aw cool!! I’m glad they mean something to the people I give them to.


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