How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

The Happiness Week: Procrastinating

My week of raving on about The Happiness Project is coming to an end. Just one last mini rant from me, about procrastinating. I made a small change which won’t drastically alter my life, but it has made me happy. I followed Gretchen Rubin’s advice to:

“Do one thing every day that you have been putting off”.

I do a fair bit of procrastinating. I keep a to-do list where the most boring tasks are never ticked off and I just keep writing them on new lists as each week begins. Those little tasks drive me half crazy and they’re no more fun when I eventually do get around to doing them.

So now when a spare moment miraculously appears in my day, I think about something I’ve been putting off. Without contemplating the tedium of the task, I JUST DO IT! Wow, talk about a revolutionary approach.

Piles of business shirts have been ironed, too many minutes have been spent listening to Vodafone’s hold music and greying hair has been dyed ‘bittersweet chocolate’ after months of staring at the same box, purchased with good intentions. I’ve sorted out the kids’ clothes which don’t fit anymore, dropped off bootloads of donations to op shops and deleted all those files that were junking up my computer desktop.

Putting something off doesn’t make it go away. I’m not living the dream in Beverly Hills with maids to do all the stuff I’ve deemed too boring. So I’m tackling all the pesky stuff without wasting a second thought on it, and then I’m moving on with my life.

And now, because Fridays are supposed to be for fun, here are two clips which made me literally laugh out loud this week as my obsession with Jimmy Fallon deepens to embarrassing levels.


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