How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

The Happiness Week: Go to bed at the same time

The Happiness Project book has a whole chapter dedicated to the author’s marriage, which she described as a happy one while writing the book. In this chapter she spent a month focussing on little changes she could make to stop little fights and to appreciate her husband more. One “trick” I’ve been trying to implement since reading the book is to “always go to bed at the same time”. Rubin writes that if you do this, you’ll either have a conversation, have sex or get more sleep. Tis true! We’ve been having heaps more… sleep!

Here’s a picture for Through The Lens Thursday, of my lovely husband taking the kids on an adventure. We’re coming up to 10 years together now, and our fourth wedding anniversary and he makes me happy every day.

Go to bed at the same time


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