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Make your own protein bars

Make your own protein bars

My training for the Auckland Half Marathon started on Monday, which means 10 weeks to go until the big day. From the very moment I signed up, I knew that I would need to slim down and get really fit before running this race. Since then I’ve changed my shape somewhat and I feel better in general, but the scales are like stubborn bloody mules showing me the same number day in and day out.

I’ve made lots of lifestyle changes so when it comes down to it, I know what I need to do to shift more weight. 1) Exercise every day, no excuses. 2) Watch every bite that goes into my mouth. 3) Get organised.

For ages now I’ve wanted to try making my own protein bars because store-bought ones are so expensive and I can’t justify adding them to our weekly grocery bill. So I tracked down a recipe which sounded close to my favourite Atkins ones and I made these – No-Bake Mint Chocolate Protein Bars.

I was so happy with the result. They were seriously quick and easy to make and packed the same peppermint punch as the store-bought ones. I’ll be making them again for sure and experimenting with new flavours. Nom nom.


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