How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

Drinking more water

I’ve been struggling all winter to drink enough water, which everyone says is a major part of losing weight. I’ve tried a few tactics, like setting an alarm on my phone every hour to remember to drink a glass and putting Post-it Notes on a 500ml bottle, ripping one off each time I finish the whole amount.

Why didn’t they work? The alarm drove me nuts and I really didn’t need another reason to be messing with my phone while busy with the kids. The Post-it Notes can also be blamed on the kids, mostly Henry who thought we were playing a game of ‘how many Post-its can you fit on the bottle’.

I need to make sure that I drink enough water as a habit so I did some research and found three simple tricks which should do the trick! Here they are in case you too need some more magical H2O in your life.

1.    Customised water bottle


I’m an idiot for not thinking of this because it’s so simple and way better than my pesky alarm or Post It Notes. Fill a 1L bottle in the morning and the afternoon and keep an eye on your levels throughout the day. Genius.

2.    Stick to a schedule


Whether the health benefits of drinking at particular times of the day are true or not, at least this would mean I’d be drinking consistently. Plus, it’s a handy approach for forming a habit and making sure you drink 7 or 8 glasses a day.

3.    Drink a glass every time you eat

The days go by so quickly and I never seem to find time to sit down and drink a glass of water, yet I always remember to top up the kids’ water bottles every time I give them food. So from now on, what’s good for them is good for me! I will make sure I drink a glass of water with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.



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