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And often we remember…

Often we remember

While my kids are busy making time fly, I try to capture the memories they make each day. I want to always remember what it was like to be their mum in these early years. I know it’s going to be one of the best periods of my life.

When Henry was about 18 months, he grew deeply obsessed with the book The Little Yellow Digger. Within a few weeks, I could read it with my eyes closed, which was great because Annie had just been born.

The last page is my favourite. It’s such lovely writing, has a sweet illustration of siblings playing together and I loved how Henry would barely let me get to the last line before saying ‘again, again!’ I’d never seen him love anything so much and that made me love it so much too.

Ever since, I’ve checked op shops for a soft cover version of the book and I finally found it last week for 50c. I bought a simple frame for just $13.50 and will hang it in the hallway. I want to remember our time together with The Little Yellow Digger forever. He won’t always be little but I’ll always be able to see this and remember when he was my special little boy.


4 Responses to “And often we remember…”

  1. Adele Bryson

    Aw this made me all teary this was and still is FInns fav book too, he also loves Roadworks and Demolition. Yup a blubbing over a framed pic – what a great idea x

    • kellyburnie

      I cried writing it ha. If you have a favourite page, I can give it to you if you like. Such an amazing book, definitely my favourite writing in a kid’s book so far.

  2. Gemma

    Awe tears!!! Such a great idea and so true that we need to treasure these precious moments xx

  3. Kerry Bree

    You are all so lucky living in the digit age..cameras were rubbish and it was expensive to get films developed..we have very few photos of Kelly and her brothers growing up but thousands of cherished memories….hey I have thousand of pix of my 5 gorgeous grand kids


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