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Notorious B.I.G

Notorious B.I.G
I ran a 5km race a couple of weeks ago and went home proud as punch after beating my personal best. That afternoon the race organisers emailed through photos of me ‘in action’. I didn’t think twice about clicking on the link, but what appeared was more horrifying than any dubious link you shouldn’t click on when you’re online.

There I was red faced and sweaty looking like I was about to keel over. That was okay, I’m not that vain about looking less than fabulous. No, the horrific part was that I looked absolutely MASSIVE.

To be honest, I barely recognised myself. I ‘m well aware that I’m not yet the ideal size, but I thought that losing over 10kg in the past year would have made a bigger difference. Turns out all the weight that’s left is located in one area – from the hips down. In these photos I looked like a big genetically-modified pear.

The tight running pants. The thighs. The inkling of a camel toe? Safe to say I didn’t take up their offer to buy all the photos for $19.99. I’d rather drown my laptop than download those seriously horrific snaps. Normally I’d show photos like that to my husband and we’d have a good laugh over how terrible they are, but in this case I hit that red x in record time.

So I’ve learned a few things. Never open the race photos. Squats and lunges are my new best friends. Running pants should be chosen very carefully. Camel toes are never cool. And if I don’t stick to my healthy eating plan, I’ll be getting sent photos like that every few weeks. Shudder.


3 Responses to “Notorious B.I.G”

  1. Adele Bryson

    Oh my gosh do you not know how amazing you are and how fab you look? Esp as a busy mum of two? I envy your “pear”, embrace those hips baby!! But seriously admire your determination and your post made me smile…currently I form more of an apple shape so no judgement here lol! xxxx

    • kellyburnie

      Aw thanks, but you should see the photos. Yee gads. Look at how the big pear is covering up the little apple ha.

  2. kelly

    Aw I honestly think you are looking fantastic! But yes I can relate to seeing photos of myself and being slightly shocked as to how I look. I’m sure that the majority of mothers with kids our age feel the same way 🙂


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