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Homemade baby gifts

Remember how much money you had before you had kids? How you used to pile it all up Scrooge McDuck style and dive in and just roll around and think ‘Wow my income is so disposable”? Okay so that’s going a little far but for most new parents, it’s a bit of a shock going down to one income (or two incomes with a chunk now being gobbled up by childcare).

One of the areas I’ve been forced to pull back on is gift giving, something which I really love. I especially love buying for kids and my head just about explodes if there’s a new baby on the block that’s just crying out for the cutest darn thing I can find at Baby City.

So how do you spoil a brand new person with something special when money is tighter than Mick Jagger’s leather trousers? If you’re crafty, you can always make something. Homemade gifts are so special, made with love and you’ve spent something way more valuable than money – time.

Here are a few of my all-time favourite homemade gifts which are cute to boot!

Baby gifts
From, this pattern for a Newborn Hat and Mittens Set is seriously adorable, requires very little wool and is easy enough for a total knitting novice such as myself. I’ve made a few of them and love adding little coloured buttons to make them special for baby boys or girls.

Rainbow Sunshine Plushie Tutorial11

This Rainbow Sunshine Plushie from is so cheery and cute and can be made from scraps of ribbon in no time. I’ve made a few ‘taggies’ including a sailing ship for Henry.

Baby gifts

Next on my to do list is this simple, gorgeous Hooded Towel and Washcloth Set from I love how easy and economical this is but how you can personalise them by choosing fabric you know your friend would adore. Plus, a new parent can never have too many baby bath towels and flannels.

For more cool ideas, visit my Pinterest board Gifts To Make For Little Ones


5 Responses to “Homemade baby gifts”

  1. Meredith Street

    That hooded towel is divine! Love this – I like to make little fabric dolls for new baby girls, and good old taggy blankies for boys. I think its lovely to receive something handmade, it shows that time and love went into the present, which makes it extra special xoxo

    • kellyburnie

      I think so too, and the homemade gifts I’ve been given for the kids are the ones I’ll keep forever. Isn’t the hooded towel gorgeous? Off to shop for some fabric for the upcoming babies 😉

  2. Adele Bryson

    Aw such beautiful cool ideas! I As you know – I love pressie buying a little too much so I need to take a leaf out of your book me thinks xxx

  3. ampeart

    mazing ideas. I was given a couple of baby craft books when i had Lucy which I should use more. Mostly I pull out the good old homemade bib, but need to diversify, esp since we’re trying to save money at the moment and I love giving new baby gifts. I seriously need to learn how to knit too. For older kids my go-to gift at the moment is a crayon roll, or a kids apron/art smock.

  4. Courtney Luff

    The post which you have shared with us is really amazing but if you are also looking for some Unique first birthday gifts , then try to go with some reliable and genuine online store who could deliver you the right product for your kids!!


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