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Got milk? Product review

A few weeks back the courier delivered an exciting brown box containing my first ever product review as a ‘mummy blogger’. Henry knows the man in red delivers the fun stuff and got excited too. He just about lost the plot when we opened the box and found three flavours of Vitarium Sugar Free Kids in colourful packaging. I thought he might actually burst over the excitement of it all, which is a real testament to the people who designed the packaging.

You see, my kid has never seen flavoured milk. He spent the first year of his life thinking milk came from the boob and since then, he’s only had it au naturel from the cow. Well not directly from the cow. We’re not farmers. You get what I mean.

Vitarium Sugar Free Kids comes in three flavours – Super Dupa Banana, Crazy Dark Chocolate and Berry Yum Strawberry. My 2.5 year old calls them Nana, Chuklut and Pink One when he’s requesting “special milk” about 40 times a day.

The mixes are sweetened with Natvia and are 100% natural with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. I’m not a super strict mum when it comes to avoiding those things, but I don’t think any kid needs more bad stuff in their diet. I like having another tool up my sleeve for bribing him, one which isn’t terrible for his teeth or health.

We used these milk mixes recently when toilet training Henry and they were an ideal way to keep his fluids up and to reward him without dishing out a million lollies.

I genuinely really like this product and will buy it again. I’ve already bought Natvia for my morning coffees to use less sugar in my diet. Vitarium also do Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate and No Added Sugar Latte sachets which I’ll buy too. I think it’s mummy’s turn for “special milk”.

Got milk


5 Responses to “Got milk? Product review”

  1. Adele Bryson

    love the pic of Henry-Bear 🙂 Now where can we buy this fabulous stuff – might help with the daily milkshake battle with nana 😉

    • kellyburnie

      I haven’t seen it in the shops yet. I’ll keep an eye out. Countdown don’t have it online but I haven’t actually checked good ol’ P&S

    • kellyburnie

      I’m still to see them in stores, but will keep my eyes pealed.


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