How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

Into the darkness

Into the darkness

June is shaping up to be an amazing month, thanks to a bunch of total strangers I’m doing a weight loss challenge with on Facebook. Hundreds of people have gotten together through the wonders of social media to support each other through a month of health and fitness. The timing could not have been better because in June I need to lose 4kg, plus I am majorly ‘in the zone’ right now.

Everyone started the challenge super pumped and I found it so motivating. Unfortunately it didn’t take long (the first or second day) for people to fall off the wagon and make their confessions. Forgive me forum, for I have sinned. Those dastardly devils sugar and salt got me again.

I was bummed. It sucked reading that people had given in already but as I read more and more of them, I noticed a very clear pattern, one with which I could totally relate. People were staying strong all day and then caving into their cravings at night. During the light of day they were strong but once the sun went down, their self-control abandoned them.

This is my problem too. So far in June I’ve been okay and the confessions from other forum members only make me more motivated to go to bed without sinning. I’ve discovered that the difference between day and night is that during the day I am too busy to eat extra food (any food can be a challenge some days). At night, the kids go to bed, the house goes quiet and suddenly there are opportunities to EAT.

So I’m staying super busy at night time too, which isn’t hard considering all the crap I have to do. There’s this constantly messy house, which has never been cleaner. June has mi casa sparkling like a rare diamond. There’s my ever-neglected body with nails which need polishing, skin singing out for a beauty routine, frizzy hair desperate for some TLC, eyebrows the size of the Very Hungry Caterpillar after a binge.

There’s this blog, which I’m more focussed on than ever, and new opportunities to do some product reviews and work when I can get it as a contractor.

There are abandoned sewing projects and half-knitted hats and drawers to restore and a rocking horse to paint and a long-forgotten train table project I’ve never started.

And, most importantly, there’s the gym to get to and exercise DVDs which won’t do themselves and runs I need to conquer before the Tough Gal challenge in three weeks.

If all else fails and I still feel wired, I get a little ahead of myself for the following day with planned breakfasts and packed lunches and the nappy bag ready to go. Anything to avoid being a ‘confessor’ on the forum. I’m one week in and I feel amazing. I have so much energy and feel so positive about everything, that there’s no way I’ll cave in to cravings. Hallelujah!


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