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Happy birthday Annie May

Annie May

A year ago today I woke up to some odd feelings and wondered if you were on your way. Your dad was getting ready for work when I told him he wouldn’t be making it to the office that day. We waited for help to come for Henry and two terrifying hours passed before we hit the motorway. Your dad drove calmly through heavy traffic while I screamed like a banshee in the back seat. I didn’t want to get into the lift at Birthcare, scared you’d arrive in there. In our room, our midwife was running a birthing pool. There would be no time for that, but I couldn’t get the words out. The pain was unbearable.

Dad went to the car. Baby number two, he knew the drill. Plenty of time to find a park. Just a few minutes later, he came through the door and you came hurtling into the world! You were so quick. It felt like you did all the work yourself. You were a girl! A big, beautiful, dark and lovely girl. I held you and I was in shock. It felt like I just woke up and had a baby, all in time for morning tea. I had a girl. I was the mother of a daughter. Oh boy!

Then you were so new, but now we can’t imagine life without you. Henry’s long forgotten that there was a time before Annie and he loves bringing you toys when you cry. It would be so sweet, if only he wasn’t the reason you were crying most of the time. We love watching you two grow up together, our comedy duo.

We called you Annie May and lately that’s become Annie Mayhem because you are just a little loco young lady. You were supposed to be the calm one, but then you have had your own ideas about everything from day dot. Happy birthday sweet baby girl, we love you a whole lot.


6 Responses to “Happy birthday Annie May”

  1. Helen Hughes

    Aww how lovely! Hope the birthday girl and her big brother are having a great day!


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