How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

In the zone

This whole time I’ve been trying to lose weight I’ve jumped between two very different minds. I’m either in the ‘slog’ or the ‘zone’. The slog normally follows a few sleepless nights. It involves not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, needing a second espresso around 10am, dreading having to find time in my day to exercise and wishing I could eat more sugar to make myself feel better (followed, inevitably, by eating more sugar to make myself feel better).

Then we have a few good nights of sleep and I bounce out of bed in the morning, full of enthusiasm and I can’t wait to take the kids out for a big walk and chat to them like I’m a children’s entertainer. I greet my husband in the evening with a big smile on my face, hand over instructions for the lovely meal I’ve prepared and fly out the door keen as a bean to hit the gym.

Last week I hit the ‘zone’ in a major way. I’d reached a new low on the scales and was feeling goooood. Lots of sleep had given me lots of energy to go hard at the gym. I did two classes one night, went crazy on the treadmill another. I beat my personal best time on my Saturday morning run. I met friends for big adventurous walks and put on great music and danced around the kitchen with my kids. Then I tried on a new dress I’d hoped would fit soon and it felt fantastic. I even took this very self-indulgent selfie (aren’t all selfies self-indulgent, oh my god they drive me crazy!) because I felt so good.

In the zone

Thank god for getting in the zone! The slog sucks, but I guess there will always be the slog. My advice is that when you are in the zone, go bloody nuts. Every day that you put in a hell of an effort will make up for those other days when 7pm rolls around and you get into your PJs and fill up your hot water bottle and watch Parks and Recreation all night with a hot chocolate in hand. That’s the plan for this evening!


5 Responses to “In the zone”

  1. Lisa W

    That dress is so cute! I want it. Go ‘the zone’, and you’re looking fabulous by the way!

    • kellyburnie

      Tis an op shop find from Glassons and a size 10 (you can imagine how excited I was he he) only because of the shape, but one day I might truly fit a 10 (Tui billboard to follow)

  2. Adele Bryson

    Love the dress!!!s you look so amazing and I am definitely employing you as my personal trainer and motivator once this baby gets here xxx

    • kellyburnie

      I’d be pretty crappy at it when in ‘the slog’ x


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