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Second hand joy

Second hand joy

Some days it would be easier to take a bull into a china shop than to let my little dude loose in a second hand store, but I do it for the pure joy of finding cool things we can afford. Henry can be a nightmare. If he’s not heading straight for the glassware with little fingers ready to defy my orders to not touch a thing, he’s doing burn outs on a plastic ride-on he’s just found. The looks we get. I swear one day a member of the purple perm brigade will have a heart attack watching this ‘terrifying’ child.

Annie is no better with her back arching and crying as soon as we step inside. Could the slave pushing my buggy please stop stopping, it is PISSING me off! So I only occasionally feel ‘brave enough’ to go op shopping, like last week when a friend and I took our four kids to a hospice shop. We had yelling, tears and an angry old lady confiscated the plastic ride-on toys (eek!) but it was worth it for such finds as… wait for it… a SPOT book about TRACTORS with FLAPS and a REALLY NOISY BUTTON!! Whoop whoop, Henry was in heaven.

I found a sweet cardigan and book for Annie, which meant she was happy for about a nanosecond, and my Dora-loving dude found a counting book which alerted me to Henry’s very unfortunate way of saying ‘coconuts’. Let’s just say it involves a certain C-bomb and will have to be stamped out before he starts kindy.

My favourite find was an alphabet flash card pack from ELC, unopened and only $3. We spent a good hour that afternoon learning letters in the sun and Henry was over the moon since he’s soaking up knowledge like a sponge right now. And that’s why I brave op shops like a madwoman – because for a tenner, I can find fun new books and educational wonders without breaking the bank. WINNING!

Second hand joy

Finally getting some pictures of myself now that little dude is into 'pessing the button'.

Finally getting some pictures of myself now that little dude is into ‘pessing the button’.


4 Responses to “Second hand joy”

  1. Lifeblooming

    haha – i hear you about the perils of shopping with little people!
    oops the c-bomb is pretty harsh. i find the word ‘truck’ for some reason was pronounced the same way by all of my kids – i reckon it’s just the way they develop their ability to make certain sounds. f instead of tr every time. yelling out ‘there’s a trucker mummy’ was grand.

    • kellyburnie

      Tee hee, definitely a situation where you want them to learn the tr sound ASAP! Funny kids.

  2. Jamie-Lee Taylor

    So inspired, I will have to go have a shop! But close my eyes as I let Thomas run about! Arrr

    • kellyburnie

      So much more fantastic sans kiddies, but not always possible ay.


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