How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

Whatever the weather

I married a total weather nerd. We call him Tim Hickey. He has a weather meter in the lounge which he checks regularly. He spends lots of time on the Metservice website. He grew up on a farm and knows when it’s about to rain even when I can’t see any signs of precipitation. He will probably be one of those old men who can sense the rain in his dodgy knee or arthritic elbow.

Unfortunately, he married a weather novice. I frequently get caught in the rain without an umbrella or jacket, because I just saw blue sky and thought nothing of the approaching black cloud. I don’t understand those squiggly lines on a weather map or what Ingrid Hipkiss is rabbiting on about at the end of the news.

I must admit, however, that my new life as a stay-at-home slave to a Toddlersaurus Rex does make me check the weather report more often. There’s only one thing worse than being caught in the rain unprepared with two kids, and that’s staying home in case of rain and watching them climb the walls, only to see a sunny afternoon slide by.

Henry likes to point out the weather, especially when it’s windy or the rain is loud enough to make a racket in the house. He doesn’t care whether it’s hot or cold (all temperatures require just his Batman t-shirt and a pair of shorts, any more clothing leads to a little meltdown most days) but he loves jumping in puddles and sliding on muddy grass and gathering lost leaves from the big tree that hangs over our lawn.

I’ve been pinning activities to teach toddlers about weather and here’s my favourite, from Mr Printables (a seriously amah-zing website for rainy days!). It’s a free printable to make a weather station, with simple observations toddlers can understand. You can download it here.

Weather Station


2 Responses to “Whatever the weather”

  1. Amanda Peart

    Weather nerds here too. We have two barometers in our lounge, one lovely old wooden one from my weather-nerd mum (who’s fave part of the news is the weather), and a digital one that sits on the windowsill, plus a temperature gauge in Lucy’s room.
    I am notoriously bad for doing washing on a day when rain is predicted when I see a bit of blue sky but I have learned to appreciate it much more since having Lucy too, though mostly for my sake really since I can cover her pram really well, it’s just me who gets wet. And know it’s no issue compared to keeping an active 2.5year old like Henry entertained.
    My primary school teacher husband appreciates sunny days way more now too. 26 kids cooped up at lunchtime is not a happy place.


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