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Good things take time

Park Bench

I’ve retired my Let’s Talk Tuesday posts in favour of the all new Thrifty Tuesdays, where I’ll talk about one of my big passions – being thrifty! I will cover topics like budgeting, bargain hunting, exciting second hand finds, restoring furniture and more. Of course I’ll still want your advice on parenting since I have far from nailed it!

For the first Thrifty Tuesday, I bring you the tale of the above park bench, being modelled by a couple of cuties.

I first fell in love with that park bench two and a half years ago when its blue paint was chipping off everywhere and its screws were rusting. It was in major need of some love but I talked Tim into letting me pay $100 for it on Trade Me. That was a hard ask since he thought it was a huge hunk of junk, but I convinced him that one day it would be a beautiful thing, solid as a rock and we’d have it forever. They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.

We picked it up from a madman way out west and just about broke our backs lifting it into our station wagon. I stressed out the whole way home that it wasn’t properly secured in the back, since it was sharing space with my brand new baby Henry. We dragged it into our garage and Tim took it apart into a million pieces ready for refurbishing.

Then because we are such super speedy people when it comes to nailing projects, that bench sat around for two years gathering cobwebs. It became known as ‘that bloody chair’ which was taking up valuable ‘manspace’. So last summer we got cracking. We used a lovely glossy black spraypaint on the lovely cast iron ends and more black paint on the wooden slats after lots of sanding. And then last weekend Tim put it all back together for me with shiny new silver screws.

I was so happy with the final result, even if it did take almost three years. Now I have my dream park bench which will sit outside our front door in the suburbs, dreaming of one day being a country bench, under a big sprawling tree, sat on by its happy owners and their cute kids.


3 Responses to “Good things take time”

  1. Meredith Street

    Love! Good things take time (my motto when it comes to DIY, since I always have more unfinished projects on the go than finished ones to show off, haha). xoxo


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