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Her big brother, his little sister


Annie turned 11 months last week and soon she’ll be one. She’s a real sweetheart to both her parents but she definitely has a favourite role model in her life, who she watches like a hawk. When he’s loud, she’s loud. When he laughs, she laughs. When he is funny, she giggles. She points to things in books without any comprehension of what she’s doing, just because she’s seen him do it.

They’re becoming little friends now and can somehow communicate with each other through grunts and glances. Annie even learned her first words ‘here go’ so she could grab Henry’s attention when trying to pass him Lego. He decides what they’re building (which is always a house) and then she’s allowed to play too, as long as she doesn’t actually touch the house. Often they’ll sit together in peaceful play and they don’t need me at all – just each other and a pile of books or blocks. I’m keeping photos like this to show them when they’re older and trying to kill each other. Once upon a time, you were everything to each other my little loves.



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