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A deep, dark obsession

Dark chocolate snack idea from

Dark chocolate snack idea from

The older I get, the darker I like my chocolate. I never eat white chocolate anymore and even milk chocolate just doesn’t pack enough punch. I reckon chocolate should be 70% at least and the more it tastes like biting into a coffee bean, the better. Luckily, dark chocolate is the healthiest and contains antioxidants, meaning the one thing I can’t stop craving is not such a bad habit after all.

Do you love dark chocolate too? Check out my new Pinterest board, which is chocca (ha!) with really good recipes using dark chocolate and superfoods like quinoa, coconut oil and chia seeds. I’m obsessed with the dark chocolate trail mix energy bites pictured above – yummo!


3 Responses to “A deep, dark obsession”

  1. Meredith Street

    These look amazing! I’m a milk chocolate girl normally, but since I made my big lifestyle change I’ve come to embrace the flavor punch you get with dark chocolate with only a small quantity.

  2. Lisa W

    Mmmm dark choccie all the way, Whittaker’s Dark Ghana is top 🙂 Not chocolate related I also recently found out that Whittaker’s makes those teeth destroying K-Bars from our childhood, did you know? Madness. Keep up with the dark stuff!

    • kellyburnie

      NO way! I had no idea. Oh how I loved them as a kid.


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