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Don’t fence me in (actually please do!)

Madills Farm Playground.

Madills Farm Playground.

Hey parents, remember when your life revolved around socialising and you spent half your time searching for the latest, greatest place to have a drink, eat a meal or watch a show? You’d chat endlessly with friends about some new place you read about in Metro, or how much you loved frequenting your old favourites? You’d discuss all the pros and cons, whether there were lines or cover charges, how good the cocktails were and whether the menu was interesting enough?

I used to be like that. Now I spend half my life asking other parents for recommendations on playgrounds. And nothing else. Restaurants? I like McDonald’s because there’s a playground my toddler can’t escape from and they serve drinkable coffee. Drinking? Sometimes I treat myself to a glass of wine on a Friday night, if I don’t have any work to do. Jeeesus, life has toned down somewhat ay.

I’m quite obsessed with discovering new playgrounds. Henry would play in the same one every day without complaint but I get bored shitless starting at the same configuration of giant plastic constuctions. Most of the time I meet a friend at a playground and that means I like them to be fenced so I can relax a tiny little bit and actually finish a sentence once in awhile.

So I thought today you Aucklanders might help a brother out and share your best fenced playground suggestions with me? Happy to drive all over the show for a nice relaxed playground visit. Bonus points for: cleanliness, coffee within walking distance, central locations and ones which suit crawlers as well as toddlers.

Some that I can share: Sylvia Park has an inside one (at the Food Court) and an outside one (by Baby Factory), Mairangi Bay has an amazing one, Madills Farm (above) looks fantastic, Michael’s Ave in Ellerslie is a winner and there’s one at the Manukau Super Centre (in front of the Coffee Club) which is brilliant.


9 Responses to “Don’t fence me in (actually please do!)”

  1. ladiesthatlunch

    We have one just over the hill from home on Seaview Rd, it’s not huge, but enough to give me five minutes of quiet knowing Arlo can’t escape! Why don’t they make more fenced playgrounds?!

    • kellyburnie

      I know, I’m getting so mad about it. A fence is such a simple thing. Perhaps they’re afraid we’ll leave our kids there and nip off for coffee?

  2. Adele Bryson

    It aint huge but love the one at the Manukau Super Centre for under 5’s completely fenced, right outside coffee club with benches for parents and shade. Then you can follow it with a trip to animates to see fishes and turtles etc. Love that all the kids outlet stores are near there too… Finn will ask to go here 🙂

  3. Rochelle

    Potters Park in Balmoral is good and also has one of the new splash pads. Parking isn’t great but worth the short walk 🙂

    • kellyburnie

      Oh yes, forgot about Potters – that’s a great suggestion. Although I did wonder why they couldn’t have expanded the fence to include the splash pad! Great spot though.

  4. Anne T

    There is a great fenced playground in Mairangi bay … people even hold parties there.

    • Anne T

      Just saw you had already mentioned it at the very bottom – dang.

      • kellyburnie

        That one is bloody good! Worth crossing the bridge for 😉

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