How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

Wonderful ways to workout when you’re a working wo-man!

I know this sounds ridic coming from a stay-at-home mum but I honestly wouldn’t sit down once during the day if it wasn’t for breastfeeding Annie. Once she gives up her visits to the milk bar, as my Nan calls it, I’ll probably never sit down again. Long gone are the days of housewives dilly dallying around with Days of Our Lives or mooching through the afternoon with a bit of Dr Phil – at least there’s no time for that in our house.

All this action should make losing weight easier right? I used to sit down for a living, so surely I should be fitter now? Unfortunately, to lessen the junk in my trunk, I need to fit in more heart rate-raising huffing and puffing.

So mums returning to work in an office are getting a raw deal – less time than ever to exercise and a much more stationary lifestyle. That’s why being a postie is my dream job, but only if you could call in sick when it rains and/or you don’t feel like going up hills. Most office dwellers spend their days sitting down in front of a computer and lunch times are either non-existent or used to do some chore that will mean avoiding dragging their little darlings to the shops after work.

I’m working from home but I still wanted to find new ideas for working out during a busy working day. Lacking in ideas, I turned to my friend Google and asked him (her?) for new ways to work out when you’re a working mum. Here are my favourite finds:

  • Home Exercise DVDs
    Experts suggest that you do these in the morning before your ‘mummy duties’ start but after almost three years of sleep deprivation, I get up when I absolutely bloody have to, so I’ll do them at different times. I have quite a collection and they are super handy, even if you commit to doing at least 30 minute whenever you have time to spare.
  • Exercise With Kids
    For sure! There’s no reason why exercise has to be a solitary situation, although I personally really love escaping by myself to the gym and knowing I can switch off for an hour. However, Tim and I often flag our gyms and go for a post-dinner blat around the block with the whole family. That way we actually get to chat to each other and the kids get fresh air before bed. These days we’ll be rugging them up like little Eskimos, but there’s no reason why you can’t still storm around the block outside of summer.
  • Lunch Breaks
    Okay so I’ve already debunked this one, but you could always commit to one or two lunch breaks a week being all about your exercise. Pack those unsightly gym clothes and running shoes and get outside for half an hour. If it’s possible you could even kill two birds with one stone and literally ‘run’ some errands.
  • Cardio Spurts
    Sorry for the use of the word spurt – definitely not a favourite of mine. But the wise people of the internet are right. If you really can’t fit in half an hour of working out, aim for 10 minute spurts whenever you get a chance during the day. It all adds up.
  • Multi-tasking Moves
    There are some cool ideas over on on how to be a multi-tasking mumma with exercise. Some are hilarious, like doing squats while drying your hair (odds are pretty high that I would burn myself) but I like the idea of squeezing (sometimes literally) little exercises into your workday, particularly ones like ‘walking and talking’ when you’re stuck on the phone.

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