How this stay-at-home mum stays sane and has fun one day at a time.

How do you balance work and kids?

Be All There


I found this wonderful quote when I had just agreed to take on some work and this blog was in full swing and I knew life had the potential to go a little loco. This was exactly how I wanted to approach my ‘working’ life. I promised myself that I would be present with the kids and focus on them and that I wouldn’t sit down to work if I didn’t think I could give my employers 100%.

Then I started work. Admittedly, it was the short week between Easter and Anzac Day that really sent me off the rails, as the work I planned to do at night had to be done very quickly during the day. Within about a split second, I had already broken most of the rules I’d made, like Henry watching too much TV, juggling a grizzly Annie on my hip whilst tapping at the keyboard and relying a lot on my husband’s offers to help.

So today I’d like to call on working mums to share their pearls of wisdom on the all-important work/kids balance. How do you do it? What little tricks have helped you? How do you switch off your worries about the kids while at work? And how do you forget about work’s long to-do list while you’re enjoying your children? I don’t just want to hear from office-dwelling darlings but also mums who manage to work at home, or in the weekends, or any number of wacky ways you have to bring home a little bacon?


5 Responses to “How do you balance work and kids?”

  1. Adele Bryson

    Argh you have voiced all my own promises then also those same broken promises. Sorry no amazing tips around here. Lots of tv, tablet games and convincing a 2 year old that drawing on his magna doodle is his “work” all so I can type a few lines…..look forward to hearing peoples ideas 🙂

    • kellyburnie

      A Magna Doodle! Saving a Trade Me search for one now, thanks for the tip!

      • Adele Bryson

        Kmart do the best budget option – $15 and it has musical alphabet and number buttons soooo good 🙂

  2. Amanda Peart

    I’ve just started back 20 hours a week on a contract and am lucky enough to be able to do two days at the office and make up the rest of the time at home, and extra lucky to have Granny daycare while I’m at work.
    When I work at home i try and do work while Lucy is asleep, and as she’s only one this is fairly easy at the moment as she’s doing a really good nap in the morning and usually in the afternoon too. the type of work I’m doing means I need to usually work during the day, while my colleagues are available on phone and email, so can’t leave much work until she’s in bed for the night unfortunately.
    When I do need to work while she’s awake, I try really hard to not just type away and ignore her. I put her toys down near me, talk to her, take breaks to read books etc. If I can take some work to a cafe we can go out and I put her in a play area, sit near her and do a bit of work, so we have time together, get out of the house (and get coffee).
    After an initial settling in period, I’m quite enjoying being back at work and earning a bit of extra money and getting adult company. Very lucky to be able to part time though, with a supportive, hard working husband and grandparents nearby to help.

    • kellyburnie

      I really love the cafe idea – really great idea when you feel like they’re having too much time at home. You’ve really found what works for you which is awesome!


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