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Advice for first time mums

A friend told me she’s pregnant last week. I was VERY excited to say the least as it’s her first baby and she’s going to make a wonderful mum. The news made my whole week and got me thinking about all the exciting times ahead for her. I tried to think back to when I didn’t have kids. How did I feel? What did I think it would be like? What was I worried about? What surprises came along with little baby Henry?

First time mums get SO much advice. Some of it totally freaked me out and had me wondering what on earth I’d done to myself. Friends and family were helpful, but most of what I read in books and online turned out to be utter crap. My least favourite advice morsels? ‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’, ‘Don’t worry about the housework’ and ‘Make sure you get some me time’. Blah.

I try not to give too much advice to new mums now, unless they ask. Everyone’s experience is so different and lots of mums have it much harder than I did, others won’t worry half as much about things that kept me awake at night.

However, I do have one piece of advice that I think is really important and that’s to embrace a coffee group. Make mummy friends and you’ll always have someone understanding to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, a Facebook group to vent to. Don’t think that you have enough friends and you don’t need new ones. In those early days, you need other new mums who are home during the day and know how to put the kettle on when the going gets tough!

What advice would you give a first time mum-to-be? I’d love to hear the one thing you found made all the difference when you had your first baby? Do share!


5 Responses to “Advice for first time mums”

  1. Meredith Street

    I so agree about getting a coffee group – I can’t imagine my mummy life without mine! Another one is, as hard as it is, is not to get caught up with all the marketing to ‘buy buy buy’ every single baby product on the market – keep it simple, buy (or better yet, borrow if you can) the basics, and then add in the things that it turns out you really need once baby has arrived. Babies really have simple needs, most of the other stuff is just lovely packaging! xoxo

    • kellyburnie

      Very true. People seem to make you believe that you’ll never go shopping again once the baby arrives and you need everything before you give birth.

  2. Adele Bryson

    Yay to coffee groups! Still feel lucky to have met such an amazing bunch of women and have them in my life, thought coffee groups were a terrible cliche, until my own xxx

  3. Hayley

    I agree about the advice overload experience. I think the best advice I got was to trust my instincts and do what works for me rather than feeling like there is a right or wrong way to do things.
    I feel lucky that my coffee group was such an inclusive and accepting one when it came to different ways of parenting.


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