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Toilet training: Keeping it casual

Elmo complained about the lack of privacy and I said 'Welcome to my world!'

Elmo complained about the lack of privacy and I said ‘Welcome to my world! I haven’t peed alone since 2011’

Last year Henry and I went on a special date to buy a potty. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of toilet training for fear we’d scar him for life so we ‘casually’ visited Baby City, followed by the pet store. I got the most boring potty possible, even though the pretty, coloured, monumentally-expensive ones looked nice.

The plan was that we had no plan. I wanted a potty in the house in case Henry took an interest but as he wasn’t even two yet, I didn’t want to push it. I thought maybe his own personal pee pot might spark something in him. Maybe he’d be one of those kids who just wanted to go on the potty – you know, pretty much toilet train himself. Other mums would be all stressed out over poos and wees and I’d be like ‘Oh you poor things’.

That potty has lived in our bathroom for over six months and it gets about as much attention as our half-dead houseplants. As Henry approaches two and a half, lots of his friends are in the throes of toilet training. Some come to playdates in their undies and there are a few accidents but lots of success stories.

How is Henry doing? Henry couldn’t care less. He’s taken mummy’s casual approach and run with it. He’s taken the potty and run with it – right out the door! Here’s a wee (tee hee) rundown of Henry’s time spent with his potty. Expert readers will note that I have not included any instances of doing number ones or number twos.

  1. One hour spent filling it up with small plastic treasure found in the kitchen cupboards, then emptying them all out and refilling, over and over and over.
  2. Minutes spent encouraging Elmo to sit on the potty, but not before insisting mum puts a nappy on Elmo first.
  3. An age spent sitting on the potty fully clothed and bum shuffling up and down the hallway.
  4. Three moments of weeing on the floor and then using the potty to cover up the wee, always followed by a proud look.
  5. One freaky moment of using it as to hit his sister in the head.
  6. Two separate occasions when he got out of the bath to sit on it, pushed till his face went purple, hopped back into the bath and did a major code brown in the water (with Annie in there!)

So I will not be your go-to gal for advice on toilet training, but I will share with you stuff I’m learning as we go. I’ve done a seminar and bought a book about a pirate going potty, as well as a sticker chart and 100 pairs of knickers with robots and dinosaurs on them. I’m going to keep the casual approach so I don’t end up being that mother who’s chasing her kid around the house, frantically waving the potty and scaring the poor bugger totally… well, shitless! Sorry, couldn’t resist.


7 Responses to “Toilet training: Keeping it casual”

  1. delbryson

    OMG Love this post – Henry you are a wee gorgeous devil, but pretty much sounds about the same enthusiasm Finn has for his potty here too….Hoping to get into trying seriously in the school hols, but don’t hold me (or Finn) to that 🙂

  2. Jamie-Lee Taylor

    Ha! These kids are destined to be in Nappies FOREVER!!!!!
    We have a week on week off process. Is it a boy thing? Just not very interested? Or is it me not harping on at him? Big smelly Sigh!

  3. kellyburnie

    I always thought boys were more difficult but then I know girls who are taking their time and a little boy who just turned two who’s doing great, so who blimmin’ knows. Fun times ay ladies.

  4. Rochelle

    We used a toilet seat/steps rather than a potty. We had it hanging out in the bathroom for months before we started encouraging Em to use it and she got it pretty quickly with only a handful of accidents. I wonder if using the toilet “like mummy and daddy” makes more sense to kids than a potty??

    • kellyburnie

      That could be the way we have to do it if the potty stays dry. I might look into getting one 😉

  5. kelly

    Haha loved this post especially the list of Henry’s potty uses! Have you had any progress this last month? Elsie used to use her potty all the time with her soft toys but now it just gets used as a step stool so she can wash her hands. She doesn’t want to use the potty or the big toilet but still tells me to go away so she can poo in her nappy in private! I dunno guess they will get there in their own time hey.

    • kellyburnie

      Absolutely zero progress but we haven’t tried very hard. Need to pick a weekend and just focus on it. Come on Elsie, you can do it! Stubborn little buggers.


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