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Cool dads

Seriously cool lunchbox art from

Seriously cool lunchbox art from

Today’s blog post is one big shout out to cool dads doing cool things with their kids. I’ve stumbled upon these cool dads over the past few months and just loved their creativity and awesome parenting. Being a mum is a hard job but it’s a hell of a lot easier when you’re teamed up with a great dad who shares the workload and knows how to have fun with the wee ones. Here are a few seriously cool dads.

Joel Henriques is the founder of, one of the coolest websites I’ve ever had the fortune of finding. It is packed with printable colouring sheets, crafts for kids separated into age groups, and amazing cardboard cities that you can print out and make with your kids. His creations are really unique. Check out the cardboard pizza oven and the DIY fabric nappy complete with fabric poo. His blog shows he’s a really dedicated dad and I just love a man who’s not afraid to sew dolls for his kids – what a legend.

DIY cardboard pizza box from

DIY cardboard pizza box from

There might be lots of mummy bloggers out there, but what I really love is hearing about child rearing from a dad’s point of view, particularly if it’s amusing. My friend recommended blog to me and its writer, Steven Childs, is hilarious in a fantastically twisted way. I love his take on having kids and his straight up honesty. Lots of LOLs reading this one.

Daniel Hashimoto is a Dreamworks animator who has a three year old boy. He takes little videos of his son and makes them into short and sweet animations you just have to see. Will bring a smile to your face for sure – check out his YouTube channel

This one is INSANE and makes me feel like a huge slacker for making Henry think it’s exciting when his sammies are cut into triangles. Beau Coffron spends a crazy amount of time creating lunchbox art for his daughter and his creations (see the Minions above) have to be seen to be believed. He says his special lunches are his way of showing his daughter how much he loves her. Awww.

Happiest of Fridays to all the cool dads and wonderful mums out there x


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