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Where to for winter woollies?

Little dude's rugged up for his first winter in 2012.

Little dude rugged up for his first winter in 2012.

So winter’s on its way. If you’re a Dorklander, you’re probably thinking ‘yeah right’. The cold is coming though and I never feel fully prepared, especially when I look at the kids’ closets. It’s so much easier in summer when they can run around half naked. I recently started checking out good winter gears and didn’t find much. I did this online because the idea of cruising real stores with my two is just… urgh. So I’m wondering if you can help a mother out and tell me of some good places for affordable winter stuff? Where do you shop? What bargains have you found? Do you guys order stuff from overseas?


4 Responses to “Where to for winter woollies?”

  1. delbryson

    Ooo I have just bought Merino pants and a beanie from Potamus (you can find them on Facebook) They are sooo soft that I even want some.She makes up to size 3 and they are simlar to pumpkin patch sizing…. Not crazy cheap but they were cheaper than farmers merino and far nicer colours. And also love Coochy Coo ( for their merino singlets etc. Otherwise very spoilt by grandmothers who love to knit for their grandies – nothing beats it eh?

    • delbryson

      Oh and I also will be going to Marys Market to see what merino bargains I can find…otherwise I will be dragging out the knitting needles….

  2. Meredith Street

    I’m going to plead with Great Nana and my mum to make the kids a woolen jumper each, which is great for when our creaky old house is freezing and can be thrown over the top of whatever they are wearing. For the big kids we’ll just get thermals from Postie Plus or The Warehouse, which are cheaper than merino and good for under t-shirts and PJ’s, adding an extra layer of warmth – I’m considering investing in some wet weather gear too, like the waterproof pants, so I can send them outside in the rain, as we definitely feel house-bound pretty quickly when the weather is poo. Ezra will get some merino onesies for underneath everything, a good winter coat (I think we’ve got one of Arlo’s old ones which he can use this year) and I’ve got a stash of knitting that we were given when he was born that is 1 year old sized – but hitting up the second hand stores is always good for woolies! I love the Next brand clothing and they have gorgeous winter stuff – its great quality and fits my kids beautifully, so they may get a little new stuff from there, otherwise their wardrobes are primarily Kmart and Warehouse since it all gets trashed at school and creche.

  3. kellyburnie

    Oooh yes woollen numbers are so great. Henry has the most gorgeous cable knit jumper waiting for him and Annie has a whole bunch that I hope will still fit her by the time it’s cold. I like the Postie Plus thermals too, especially when you find them on sale. I was thinking about wet weather gear this year as well but it is so expensive. Might get away with just getting a set for Henry and keeping Annie under the storm cover in the buggy. Gosh, every year I forget what winter is like!


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