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Guest blogger: Becoming a mum of two

My friend Melissa has this week’s question, and it’s a goody. Please comment below if you have any helpful tips, this topic is such a big one – not that I want to freak you out Melissa tee hee.

Becoming a mum of two?

I’m about to enter a whole new level of parenting…becoming a mum of two! While you may think that I’d have this whole parenting thing down pat (after all, I have been Mum to Ashley for 2.3 years now) there are times when the thought absolutely terrifies me.

I’ve accepted the fact that there’ll be days that my house will look like a bomb’s hit it, that my trips to the shops will perhaps become more than a little manic and even the fact that there will be some days that I don’t shower until midday…or worst case not at all! The bit that I’m really worried about is how miss Ashley will cope with the change of having a new baby in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, Ashley adores babies and she’s a right mother hen when it comes to friends’ babies – kissing, cuddling and fussing all over them and while I’m sure it’s going to be just as exciting when her wee brother/sister arrives, I’m sure that the novelty of it may wear off pretty quick when baby starts taking up big chunks of ‘my mama’s’ time.

Like a lot of second time mums that I’ve spoken to, I guess I feel slightly guilty that Ashley, who has had my sole undivided attention her entire life, will now have to share that attention and when you think about breastfeeding approximately every three hours, 8-10 nappy changes a day, plus bonding time, that’s a lot of sharing for a little one!

I’ve heard of people introducing a special toy that only comes out when you’re breastfeeding and having your toddler help gather items for a nappy change but what are some of the other tips and tricks you can recommend to help me balance becoming a mum of two?


3 Responses to “Guest blogger: Becoming a mum of two”

  1. delbryson

    You have voiced so many fears I have as I wait to find out if I am pregnant or not this week – the main one being the effect on Mr number One in the house. He is used to being very much the centre of attention not only with us but friends, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts. He loves other kids, but not if Mummy or Daddy’s attention is on them for too long…. arggh!

  2. Gemma Clay

    Get a mega sketcher, a whole lot of books, and some fun toys to bring out when feeding – they may help to keeping the toddler busy for a wee bit….don’t be afraid to watch the TV – have it on all day if need be!! And most certainly don’t feel guilty about it. It’s a matter of survival some days, and you do what you can to get through.
    Someone gave me a tip which was to pack the toddlers lunch box the night before, so snacks are ready to go (and you may ‘possibly’ be able to avoid those crazy, hungry toddler meltdowns!!), although I never got organized enough or remembered to do it 🙂
    I will admit, it’s really hard some days. Toddlers don’t have an off switch and newborns are crazy demanding! I remember when both mine were sick at the same time early on (oh the joys!), I had both on my lap – feeding baby and cuddling the toddler, and had to chuckle to myself (otherwise I would’ve cried!!). But I got through it, and you will get through too. 5 months on, Miss 2 years probably can’t even remember life before her little brother entered this world. She loves him to bits, and he adores his big sister already 🙂
    Very importantly, take all the offers of help you can get. If a friend or family member offers to cook a meal, fold your washing or take Ash out for a wee bit, let it happen!!
    Good luck, it will all be wonderful and Ashley will LOVE being a big sister xx

  3. kellyburnie

    All so true Gemma. I read a book when I was expecting Annie called Coping With Two and it said if getting out is important to you, pack your nappy bag the night before so the crazy mornings feel easier. I used to go one step further and get everything ready (breakfast if possible, pack extra stuff into the car). That way, if I had a shocker of a night, I could get up knowing I was already one step ahead on the day. Works really well. Also, pack extra clothes, nappies, blankets etc in your car so when you have a shocker and leave the house unprepared, you’ve always got what you need.


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