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How low can you go?

How low can you go?

When I kicked off this post-baby diet, I had great visions of my focus and positivity seeing the weight simply falling off. I would be a size 10 before you could say ‘tell her she’s dreaming’ and I’d need a whole new wardrobe for my fabulous, fit new bod.

Six months on and you could say that rather than ‘falling off,’ the weight is ‘hanging around like a bad smell’. Every few weeks I feel a tiny bit tinier and I see a measly few hundred grams go but then weeks pass and… nothing. Of course the downward trend is nice and I’m not complaining. I’ve lost 9kg since Annie was 3 months old, which is not to be sniffed at. In fact, that’s a whole Annie!

But my goal weight date is baby girl’s first birthday at the end of May. I have 5.5kg to lose in TEN WEEKS. Two weeks ago, as the panic set in, I realised that sticking loosely to the Healthy Food Guide eating plans wasn’t working for me. They would work if I could stick religiously to them but when it comes to sticking religiously to a diet, I’m an atheist. An overweight atheist.

Enter the Low GI Diet, a book recommended by a friend who lost crazy kilograms on its 12 week plan. I bought it on Kindle (how modern am I?) and printed out the first few weeks, did a vurrry big grocery shop, hid the receipt from my accountant husband in case he fell over when he saw the tally, and stocked the fridge to look like that picture up there.

I love looking at all that fruity, vegetably goodness. All those lean proteins, grainy carbs and low-fat dairy. I like checking what I’m allowed to eat that day and getting the odd pleasant surprise (bacon!) and putting some effort into my meals. I like getting to each main meal and feeling properly hungry because I haven’t let myself snack all day. And I love feeling slightly slimmer already.

I’ll keep you posted anyway guys. Hopefully there will be incredible tales of kilograms lost and inches disappearing overnight! Oh how I want to celebrate my little girl’s birthday with a little less junk in the trunk. Amen!


4 Responses to “How low can you go?”

  1. Jamie-Lee Taylor

    Low and slow is a safe way but dreadfully unsatisfying and demotivating isnt it?. Most likely your building muscles at the same time you losing weight, thats why the scales aren’t looking too pleasing to you. You’re doing awesomely and looking good!
    I’m starting to get my motivation back to eat healthy and exercise, alot of routines/bad habbits to break and 8kgs to lose. Not bad I must say since my final pregnancy weight was 27kg!!! That would be me now trying to carry, Thomas, Violet and a bag of groceries!!!

    • Lisa Woodard

      9kg? Holy moly! Well done you! Funny how after all the hype about six-small-meals-a-day I find it easier to maintain weight on the good old fashioned brekky-lunch-dinner combo too, down with snacking I say!

      • kellyburnie

        I think you’re on to something there – three meals a day! Yip 9kg but sadly you can’t see it yet. I’m hoping the next 9 is more obvious.

  2. Meredith Street

    Slow and steady is definitely less exciting than those initial enormous losses, but I always feel more confident I can maintain the weight loss if its come off slowly. You’re doing amazing! 9kg is phenomenal – got to keep it in perspective how far you’ve come 🙂


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