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Everything hurts

Rocky Balboa

The goal is to get to the checkout without dropping the box of groceries. Kind of hard when my arms are shaking like leaves in a cyclone and every muscle in my body has started to throb. An eternity later, I slam the box down on the conveyor belt, get a strange look from the checkout operator and offer up ‘boxing class’ as an explanation. It explains nothing, other than perhaps my beetroot-red face and gross sweaty appearance.

The class finished 10 minutes ago. I almost threw up in the middle of it. I had a real ‘I can’t do this’ moment somewhere towards the end, which never happens to me. Once I get going, I am normally okay. But this is the great ‘return to the gym’ after having two babies, and my body is shot. Plus that gym instructor treated us like we were in the army. She was mean.

I’ve never felt the effects of exercising so quickly before. I pick the kids up from their crèche and I can barely hold Annie. As we’re walking to the car, I have a real fear that Henry will bolt and I won’t be able to chase him. Later that night it feels like I’ve been beaten up and left for dead. I can’t sleep, can’t move, can’t exercise for three days!

You’d think this would have put me off boxing, but instead I fell in love with it. Talk about the ultimate full body workout which absolutely destroys you all over. When the goal is to get fit and lose weight, boxing is the bomb diggity.

So I catch a boxing class whenever I can. I start to think of myself as ‘knowing what I’m doing’. I consider buying my own kit and ‘really getting into it’. I feel like I’m getting quite good, even though the instructor always praises the others and never says I’ve got good technique. That’s strange, I think to myself.

Then one day my dream of becoming the female Rocky is shattered by a fellow mum in my boxing class who says to me: “Don’t worry, you’ll get there. I was really bad in my first class too”. Talk about BUMMED OUT. Maybe I don’t have a future in the ring. Maybe I punch like a girl! Maybe I’ll have to *sigh* work harder at it. That really will make me throw up in class! My muscles hurt just thinking about it.


7 Responses to “Everything hurts”

  1. delbryson

    Bhahah – sounds like me and Zumba…I am busy thinking I am looking like the dancing queen when in reality…I look like a middle-aged-white-girl “trying” to dance

  2. ampeart

    I’m in awe that you even get yourself to the gym. My exercise is a walk with the pram, quite often with coffee at the other end. Maybe you can partner up with the new mum who thought you were in your first class and use her for motivaiton to punch things for being tactless?

    • kellyburnie

      Walking with the pram is still my favourite exercise of all. Makes everyone happy 🙂

  3. Meredith Street

    Classes seem like so much fun, I just can’t get past how uncoordinated I am and all the ways that could go mortifyingly wrong in a group setting 😉 Might have to give the folorn and forgotten boxing bag hanging up in our backyard a few jabs tomorrow though!

    • kellyburnie

      Oh honestly, I am always the most uncoordinated person in the room. Cringe.

  4. Kat

    I did the pump class the other day and i could not move for 4 days!!! maybe because i decided I don’t have to take it easy anymore!haha
    I hope there are some fun people at the classes…just like the asian lady holding her boobs…haha


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