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Looking for book recommendations

Raising Boys

When Annie was born Henry launched into a phase of hitting other kids. It wasn’t the normal ‘taking a swipe’ over a toy, but more like a ‘hunt them down and get them’ approach. He was lashing out in a big way and with a newborn thrown into the mix, I took it badly. It was so stressful and confusing and I pretty much felt like a terrible parent.

A friend loaned me Steve Biddulph’s book ‘Raising Boys’. I normally find self-help parenting books aren’t quite on the same page as me, excuse the pun, but this one was different. It was like he was talking about Henry when he explained that boys need a lot of attention from their mothers and can feel ‘abandoned’ for various reasons, one being that a new sibling has arrived. As a result, they can turn into little midget Mike Tysons just like H-Bomb had.

I loved his philosophy and his tips and I went on to read ‘The Complete Secrets of Happy Children’ and loved that too. When I get a chance I’m going to read ‘Raising Girls’. Now this isn’t an ad for Steve Biddulph, he’s a legend and doesn’t need my help to sell books. No, I just would love to know if you have read any parenting books that were really good? Did you find a book with any helpful hints in your time of need? How about parenting books that are just a really good read? I’d love to hear your recommendations and what you liked about the books. Something’s gotta pull my attention away from the latest author I can’t stop reading (Nora Roberts, classic chick lit) and on to something which is a little more helpful!


6 Responses to “Looking for book recommendations”

  1. delbryson

    you are amazing you can read at all – I have 7 brand new books under my bed in varying degrees of chick lit to needing a few extra brain cells, to easy-peasy-read-in-an-afternoon-but-don’t-ask-me-what-it-was-about-after-I-finish-it (I wont remember) …and can’t seem to read any of them. Never mind a parenting self help book. That part of my brain seems to have been sucked into some kind of toddler vortex that also comes with being severely sleep deprived lol 🙂 SO maybe I can get some verbal pointers from you? xxx

    • kellyburnie

      Oh that Nora Roberts, she sucks you in! I get started on one of her trashy trilogies and before I know it, I’ve read all three.

  2. Jamie-Lee Taylor

    For me it was ‘ Sleeping like a baby’ by Pinky Mckay. Whilst it didnt cure Thomas’ sleeping, it made me accept that its ok that he wakes up a few times and I didnt have to do the ‘Cry it out’ method. Once I accepted it was a learning thing, I actually started to sleep better anyway. It also made me realise that we are still changing our sleep patterns later in life so why are we so fixed on trying to get it all ‘sorted’ when our kiddies are little babies. That has been the only ‘self-help’ book I’ve read and hope to say it will be the only.

    • kellyburnie

      That sounds really good Jamie. Sounds like it would be more help to a stressed out mum than one which suggests the baby should be sleeping through the night early on, or should be sticking to a schedule etc. My kinda philosophy!

  3. Meredith Street

    I’ve got a couple of the ‘No cry’ solution books in my bedside table, waiting for some of that very mysterious free time to come my way, haha. I do read a lot of parenting blogs though, picking and choosing what seems most relevant to our mob along the way…that counts, right?


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